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Sergey Bogoslovov: "I will miss Zloty Tur this year" >>>

Sergey Bogoslovov: "I will miss Zloty Tur this year" # Armwrestling #

We were all eagerly awaiting Sergey Bogoslovov on the international arena, and it was not in vain because Sergey showed spectacular, powerful and competitive struggle, giving good fights to the strongest athletes of the world. Of course, we would like to see Sergey at the Zloty Tur, but this year, unfortunately, this will not happen. ()

Sergey, tell us, how did the world championship debut for you? Have your expectations been fulfilled?

- In general, I am very pleased with the championship, the first time at the international arena - and immediately become a two-time bronze medalist, and in this weight category, I think, it was not bad. Of course, I am maximalist and always think only of the first place, but it turned out this way. Of course, I have a lot of emotions from the trip, the organization was good, the venue was also excellent, there were also many new pleasant acquaintances, I was surprised that many already knew about me.

You had, perhaps, the most powerful category, are you satisfied with your places? Could you do better?

- The category really was very strong, and it was almost impossible to guess who from this "meat grinder" will go on a pedestal. I think I could be better, because the form was not peak, but very good. I did not have, probably, a competitive experience, because there were a lot of nuances and moments, which I was not ready for. I got a good experience, I will definitely work on bugs, and the next time I will be more prepared.

How will you evaluate your rivals in the category? Who surprised you, who was the most difficult for you?

- Of course, there were very strong guys, and weaker guys, but in any case, I came to every fight with the maximum attitude, because all the opponents for me were new, and I did not know what to expect from each of them. I do not want to and I will not single out any specific, because it was more difficult, probably, to cope with myself and you saw the result ;)

Zloty Tur is coming, are you planning to participate?

- Unfortunately, this year I again miss the Zloty Tur. Firstly, because to every training I come seriously and spend both a lot of strength and my own finances, and after the Worlds I just want to take a short pause and relax. I also understand that I'm not ready for this level a little, at least from experience, because if I'm going to the tournament, I have to be 100% sure in myself in order to fight for the main prize. And I do not care who I have to fight with.

At the Zloty Tour there will be a series of armfights, can you comment on this?

- I am confident that each participant will be set to win and no one will have a light fight. I will prepare to watch the most beautiful and spectacular struggle, which will be full of intrigue and unpredictability. And let the strongest win in these battles.

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