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Rustam Babaev: "I know what Hutchings can do" >>>

Rustam Babaev: "I know what Hutchings can do" # Armwrestling #

Rustam Babaev was the last who learned the name of his rival on the upcoming Vendetta; it is an American Todd Hutchings. Rustam took this challenge and is already preparing for the fight for the title. ()

Finally, your rival for the forthcoming Vendetta became known, what do you know about him? How can you characterize it?

- Todd Hutchings is a member of the elite of the American armwrestling. He is an experienced, strong and hardy athlete. He won titled athletes, both American and European.

Have you already started preparing for the fight? What will you focus on when preparing?

- I have been training hard for several months now and preparing for a serious fight, both at the Zloty Tur and on Vendetta. As part of the tournament, I will be in the category of up to 95 kg, with this weight, respectively, I will pull and in armfight.

When preparing, do you study your rivals, analyze their previous fights? What can you counter with Hutchings?

- With Todd Hutchings I once met in a duel at the Zloty Tur in the category of up to 86 kg, then I won him twice. I approximately understand what he is capable of, and I know what to expect from him. In order to win, I need to use my strengths and impose my struggle.

Share the plan for a duel?

- My plan is pretty simple - to win all :)

You are going to fight within the Zloty Tur. It will not interrupt your armfight, won’t it?

- I hope that participation in the Zloty Tour will not interrupt with my armfight, although it is a sport and anything can happen, this is unpredictable.

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