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Scot Mendelson: "There’s still lots sweat and blood to put in my new passion " >>>

Scot Mendelson: "There’s still lots sweat and blood to put in my new passion " # Armwrestling #

He will be at first time at this great armwrestling event, but he could destroy plans of others to have medals. What does Scot Mendelson prepare to Zloty Tur? ()

The participation in ZT requires travelling through the ocean. So Scot, tell, please, when you decided to participate in the Zloty Tur and why?

– True, traveling to Poland is too far from the USA, it more than 15 hours of flight and stops. Of course, it makes the athlete tired, and then jet lag condition, but my coach Vazgen Soghoyan and I will arrive 4 days before the tournament schedule to adjust the time zone and climate change. I’ve been traveling to Russia, Ukraine some years ago, so I’m familiar with this part of the continent. My roots go deep to Odessa, Ukraine. The purpose of my participation in ZT is to meet all those great armwrestlers, have an opportunity to compete and why not to have wins. I’m not saying I’m going to smash everyone, but I’m going to use all my best sides that I could manage in this short period of time of my armwrestling career and give them a hell of a fight. ZT is famous as the best International tournament of year and it’s a World Cup, also my great relationship with Igor Mazurenko and PAL makes me proud to compete there.

I’m very excited to travel across the world. I feel like me again.

Are you already in the process of preparation? How is your training going? Do you do specialized exercises, sparring with other pullers?

– I’ve been working continuously all these months, recently won USA National Championship and a tournament at Anaheim Fit Expo in California, yes, there’s still lots sweat and blood to put in my new passion (armwrestling), I’m on my way, I’ll keep working. I do special armwrestling training, have a practice twice a week! It makes me feel super strong.

I have Vazgen, Herman Stevens as my sparring partners, by the way, Herman also goes to ZT. My other partners are Team USA Members Alex de LaTorre and Mark Gaims, who won bronze medal at World Championship in Budapest. From time to times we have special guests at my gym in LA, like Rustam Babaev, Denis Tsyplenkov, Devon Larratt, Khadzhimurad Zoloyev, who kindly participate in our training seminars and it’s so interesting and educational to have their experience in this sport.

Who would you like to meet at the table? Who do you consider the most difficult opponent?

– I can’t name any particular opponent that I’d like to pull, because I don’t know most of them, but I’m sure they are super strong and top notch athletes. This is the toughest tournament in my armwrestling career and I’m should be ready for everyone.

How do you think, can you get into the top three of the tournament? Do you have an advantage over other participants?

– I have probably the hardest weight class at ZT and perhaps nobody can guarantee his place in there. Anything may happen in there, including unexpected and unpredictable turnouts. I’m new in AW, my disadvantages are more than my advantages right now, but the wisdom of my trainings with Vazgen taught me not to underestimate the opponent, respect him and fight with honor. Thanks to all my fans and supporters, I’ve heard their response on social media, that’s a great to see all that.

Whom will you support at Vendetta and why?

– Of course, I’ll support all Americans in Vendetta! I’ll be there to watch and cheer! Overall, good luck to everyone and have a safe competition.

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