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Research in arm-wrestling? Done! >>>

Research in arm-wrestling? Done! # Armwrestling #

Igor Mazurenko about the device, which will soon become necessary in our sport. ()

In most power sports (e.g. powerlifting)  it’s easy to determine the level of athlete training. The competitor's level determines his position in the starting lists. Those, who in the weight category have a higher score, is the best.

It is even possible to predict before the competition the athlete's future result on the basis of scales in the starting approaches and in the auxiliary exercises.

"Technical" sports, where strength training is used as an auxiliary (for example, athletics), you can also plan the result based on training results.

But in armwrestling all is not so simple and clear!

Mazurenko Rush Angle Meter

Igor Mazurenko: In 2014, one of the pullers asked the question: "How can I objectively test and compare my strength results with the results of the leading athletes?"

Armrestling is a special kind of sport, because there is no restriction on the time of the fight. The duel at the table lasts as long as it lasts, sometimes even 7-10 minutes. Therefore, the athlete's endurance is just as important as his strength.

What is endurance?

Among other things, endurance is determined by the amount of muscle fibers. As is known, there are two types of fibers - glycolytic and oxidizing. But that is not all!

Our muscles work at different angles and in changing conditions.

Mazurenko Rush Angle Meter is a device designed to "test" an athlete in the same conditions as during the competition.

Thanks to this, we can get information that is very important for the handlers, and, in addition, compare them with the results of others. All - of course, depending on his weight and age.

The data obtained by interpreting the measurements will be a kind of "diagnosis" for the athlete. It is also important to determine, among other things, is his favorite technique suitable for his muscles. In motion during a fight - we can identify weak points and other shortcomings.

It turns out that what the coach usually determines, based on experience, we get as a result of research. We have research and the possibility of comparison - and so create a scientific method for improving sports results.

Of course, it can happen that the player with the best index will lose with the "worst" opponent. Here it should be noted that the results of our studies relate to the strength of the athlete. But the fight is not just a strength. Here we have another problem - the psychological preparation of each athlete. But about this another time.

The cost of the device is not small. This is not an ordinary stopwatch or weights. Nevertheless, we need only one or two devices to study everyone in Poland. And for the measurements we plan to train several assistants.

Thus, we will get a way to help any athlete and coach.

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