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Tim Bresnan vs Gennady Kvikvinia: predictions >>>

Tim Bresnan vs Gennady Kvikvinia: predictions # Armwrestling #

The pair of the upcoming Vendetta Tim Bresnan – Gennady Kvikvinia definitely deserves attention. ()

Contenders represent completely different armwrestling schools and they are famous for their fighting styles. This pair of participants consists of complete antagonists – cold-blooded, wise and calculating Tim Bresnan on the one hand and explosive, emotional and aggressive Gennady Kvikvinia on the other. What will happen when they meet at the table – no one knows.

Tim Bresnan (USA).

Tim Bresnan is a true representative of the American armwrestling. By the standards of sport, Tim is an age-related athlete, who, despite this, can pull with the top armwrestlers of the world. Tim Bresnan is a bug bearded man with dark glasses, working as a security guard, but at the same time he is kind and friendly person. But when it comes to fighting, Tim's calmness is replaced by coolness and precise calculation, which help him to win. In the tournament, Tim had both good and not very good performances, like any other athlete, but on November 18, Tim will have a professional armwrestling wrestling match with armfight system, and he is a real master in such matches. In his last professional fights in Vendetta tournaments, Tim defeated Evgeny Prudnik, Krasimir Kostadinov, Alexey Voevoda and Dmitry Silaev.

Look at these names – each of his rivals was or is on the top of our sport and each of them was defeated by Tim without chances. This time Tim will face a really formidable opponent – Gennady Kvikvinia.

Gennady Kvikvinia (Georgia).

Gennady is a titled sportsman, a multiple champion of European and the world championships. Since his return in 2015, Gennady twice won the Worlds in the heavyweight division, and at the Worlds-2017 he was the second. In addition to huge strength, Gennady also has an impressive speed, as for a heavyweight, and his struggle is technically diverse, he successfully pulls almost any technique. It is worth noting that Gennady can defend himself perfectly, which, together with his endurance, allows him to "overhold" rivals in fights. Gennady can safely be called a universal armwrestler of the top level. Will he have enough skills and strength to resist Tim and will he be able to interrupt his winning streak? We'll find out very soon.

To predict the result in a duel between athletes who have never met at a table is quite difficult. On the one hand, Tim quite confidently defeated very strong rivals, but on the other – Gennady, not yielding in power, perhaps superior to all Tim's rivals in speed. We, like all fans, expect a dramatic competitive duel, in which everything will be decided in the last round, but we dare to put on the victory of Tim Bresnan.

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