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Asian Armwrestling Cup sum up >>>

Asian Armwrestling Cup sum up # Armwrestling #

Recently in Kazakhstan the Asian Armwrestling Cup was held. The event was attended by more than four hundred athletes. The level of their preparation and organization of the event was told by the representative of the organizing committee Ahmed Aliyev. ()

Ahmed, how did you manage to organize such a tournament?

- Yes, the tournament was held at the highest level. Participants came from 14 countries, more than 400 athletes. Everything went perfectly!

The only point is in the fight in the absolute category. On the left hand everything was all right, but on the right I expected to see Dmitry Trubin and Dmitry Silayev in the final, but Silaev lost in eleminations, and I was a little surprised. But everything else went well.

The level of participants was very high, who would you mention separately and why?

- It's worth saying that the level was really high, because 400 competitors are a record figure, we did not collect so many athletes even at the Asian Championships. I think that the indicator is good, because besides medals and souvenirs we also prepared cash prizes.

Taking someone specific, I want to mention Dmitry Trubin - he won easily and confidently.

Dmitry Silaev, apparently, on the last day of the fight he was sick, so he did not show his maximum opportunities, but he still pulled well.

Was there specially invited athletes or any armwrestler could participate?

- I couldn’t not say that we invited someone specially, but Europeans also participated in the Asian Cup - guys from Germany, Lithuania, Greece . The Cup was open, so anyone who wished could take part, and so it happened.

Zloty Tur is coming, what do you think about the performance of your team? What are the chances?

- Now, really, our guys are tuning for the Zloty Tur, we are finishing the formation of the team. I think there will be more than 20, maybe about 30 people. Naturally, we are aimed at the first team place, because we raised the bar, and now we need to match it. Therefore, we are ready to go to the Zloty Tur, which is the most interesting and spectacular tournament in armwrestling.

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