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Dmitry Trubin vs Dave Chaffee by Engin Terzi >>>

Dmitry Trubin vs Dave Chaffee by Engin Terzi # Armwrestling #

Expert's view on the Vendetta All Stars: Dmitry Trubin vs Dave Chaffee ()

 Dave Chaffee had been doing great until he injured his wrist some years ago but after that he has not been as great as he was as far as I followed. Especially his battle against Denis Tsyplenkov at Zloty Tur was amazing. Not sure how his wrist is doing lately but I guess he must be feeling good enough to accept such a high-level challenge. Dave has one of the strongest side pressures in the superheavyweight world. He is genetically strong but not a technical master at the table. His opponent Dmitry Trubin used to be a 100kg puller, then became 110kg puller, and finally reached to be a superheavyweight puller a few years ago. First we saw him victorious against great Ferit Osmanli, then he beat Michael Todd in US, then he toprolled Pushkar but lost against him with elbow fouls in 2015 Zloty Tur and finally he won Zloty Tur last year after a war against Pushkar at the last match of the A side. He also lost a supermatch against Pushkar in a Vendetta where he prepared himself for a side pressure of Pushkar while Pushkar hit outside and pinned him 6 times in a row. Recently I see the pictures of Trubin’s current pictures on the social media and he looks bigger than we have ever saw him before.

Dave’s direct pinning move is better than Dmitry’s as Dave can go straight side way while Dmitry likes to gain position before pinning his top opponents. So this makes me question Dave’s wrist shape as Trubin likes to apply back pressure with his powerful brachiradialis muscle. Any match that Dave loss his wrist while applying his side move, will be Trubin’s win without any doubt while we will probably see some wars in any round that Dave will protect his wrist. Normally Dave should win any match that his wrist handles his side pressure but Trubin now looks so big and powerful that in any position I believe he will be strong enough to fight back, including hook. I remember he stopped Pushkar’s outside hit with a dead wrist and he was actually winning when (if I remember correct) Pushkar elbow fouled. At the restart he toprolled and beat Pushkar. So this guy can pull effectively in any technique and position, and now with his bigger shape I am sure that he will be even more effective.

I don’t know the current form of Dave but I believe that Trubin is the favorite of the Vendetta with his strength, endurance & well roundness. Not sure about the score but I don’t see Dave is beating Trubin more than twice out of six rounds Vendetta. Who knows I may be wrong but this is how I do the math from what I know from the distance that I have to both pullers. My prediction is 5-1 Trubin. Best of luck to both pullers!

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