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Bresnan-Kvikvinia: sportsmen about sportsmen >>>

Bresnan-Kvikvinia: sportsmen about sportsmen # Armwrestling #

Nobody can predict the results of Vendetta's fights better than sportsmen who at one time fought with both rivals of the pair, and even more so – professional sportsmen. ()

Dmitry Silaev pulled with Tim Bresnan in armfight and with Genady Kvikvinia in the classic grid:

"Bresnan is very viscous and protracted athlete, and very smart, immediately understands how to pull and which angles to turn on, Genady is an athlete with a lot of experience, he is explosive, unlike Bresnan, and pulls in different styles, so if would not reach the pad immediately, then there may be problems. It will be very interesting to watch this fight.

Usually Tim wins in a protracted struggle, catches the opponent on the mistakes, tries to make his rival tired at the maximum in the first rounds - this is his theme.

Gena has a slightly different style, he tries to concentrate and beat unexpectedly in the angles, which you do not expect. Only here is the problem: Gena suffered a serious injury to his left hand, need a period of recovery, I think he will not come in his best form – this is the main disadvantage.

Bresnan is hard to fight on another continent; we have seen it all more than once.

I think he just needs to come at least a week before the armfight to be in better condition.

They are both worthy of victory, but I can not say with certainty who will win, many factors will play a role for everyone's victory. I'll just watch this fight, and I will not guess what the result will be. But the duel should be spectacular!"

"They are both great pullers! Tim has incredible hand control, Genady can pull in any position.

In the beginning of the match Tim has an advantage. If he manages to pin Genady quickly, he can win 6:0. But if the match stop I think Genady would win. So I think it will be 6:0 for Tim or 4:2 for Genady according to me.

But I dont know who will come more prepared and who will wish the victory more. So I hope to see beautiful armwrestling!!!" – sums up Krasimir Kostadinov, who also experienced Tim Bresnan in a six-round fight and Gennady Kvikvinia at regular championships.

Who of the athletes will be right about the results? We'll find out soon. The only thing in which Dmitry and Krasimir converge - we are in for a great fight! Join us live at Vendetta All Stars & Zloty Tur!

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