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Zloty Tur-2017: lightweight review >>>

Zloty Tur-2017: lightweight review # Armwrestling #

The main event of 2017 in armwrestling - Professional Armwrestling World Cup Zloty Tur - Vendetta All Stars Armfight # 48 has come to the end. ()

In part, the results of the event were completely unpredictable due to the fact that the participants in Vendetta did not pull at the Zloty Tur, which means that there were new contenders for the victory in the categories.

In the lightest ladies’ category - 52 kg – it was no too hard to single out favorites. So, Snezhana Babaeva could not revenge Esra Kiraz for defeat at the Worlds, so the first place went to the Turkish athlete, Babaeva’s on the second. The prize three right hand became very unexpected. In the finals, the gold medalist of the left hand Esra Kiraz met the Japanese Ayane Takenaka, whose fuse helped her to rise so high, although on left arm she was the last. Closed the top three, as on the previous day, Elizaveta Reshetnik. Snezhana Babayeva became the fifth.

The main question in the category of 57 kg was in the fight of Tatyana Verina and Victoria Iliyushyna. Verina reached the final without defeats, and Victoria had to rise from group B. Having won the semifinal, Ilyushina could not repel Verina, eventually finishing second. The first was Tatiana Verina, the third - Diana Bareeva. On the right hand, the composition of the prizes remained the same, with the difference that Victoria Ilyushina went to the finals without defeats and defended her title as the strongest athlete in the right hand.

In the category of 65 kg, the representative of the host country of the Zloty Tur, Marlena Wawrzyniak, fought, from which the fans expected the best results. As a result, Marlena was in the prize three on both hands - the third on the left and the second on the right hand. Also, both times gold was taken by Katerina Afonina. An excellent fight on the right hand was shown by Malin Kleinsmith, who went through tough opponents and eventually got a bronze medal.

In the ladies’ plus class on the left hand a real drama unfolded. In preliminary matches, Gabriela Vasconcelos managed to defeat the Lithuanian athlete Egle Vaitkute, which to admit, it was a surprise for everyone. Egle had to go through the whole group B, and in the finals, she won the victory!

In this category of men 63 kg on the left hand fought 22 athletes.

It was interesting to watch the performance of the legendary armwrestler from Ukraine, one of the most titled athletes in the world - Dmitry Beskorovainy, who showed a good fight and stopped in a step from the prize-winning three - fourth place. An excellent semi-final was shown by Yerzhan Abilda and Ashot Adamyan, the duel was a protracted and decisive factor was the endurance of Yerzhan. The strongest in this category was a young athlete from Georgia - Imeda Tchintcharauli, who is increasingly asserted as the leader of his weight category.

On the right hand there were even more participants in the category - 24. On this day the guys from the team of Kazakhstan showed themselves well, in the top 5 categories there were just three of their representatives. But the strongest, like the day before, was Imeda Tchintcharauli. In the debut World Cup he was able to become an absolute winner of the category up to 63 kg.

The category of up to 70 kg has become one of the most interesting, the competition in it has unequivocally grown in comparison with last year. Mindaugas Taraitis, considered one of the main favorites, could not fall down even in the top 5. Head coach of the Turkish national team, legendary arm wrestler - Engin Terzi took part in the fight. Engin went to the semifinals on the left hand, where he refused to pill because of injury. The representative of the "Shardara Armsport" club Talgat Aktaev left for the final with a defeat, where the current world champion Daniel Procopciuc from Moldova wait him. Many considered of Daniel as a favorite, but Talgat was able to win twice and took another gold medal for the Zloty Tur.

On the right hand the winners remained the same, but the arrangement has changed. The situation with Engin Terzi repeated, he was injured again and didn’t pull in the semifinals. Talgat Aktaev met Daniel Procopciuc again. In the preliminary match between them the advantage was over Talgat and Daniel was able to win thanks to the fouls. Therefore, the situation of the first day didn’t repeat in the finals, but Daniel cleanly won and took the first gold among professionals, despite being only 22 years old.

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