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Zloty Tur-2017: middleweights review >>>

Zloty Tur-2017: middleweights review  # Armwrestling #

Zloty Tur-2017: a review of the middleweight classes ()

The category up to 78 kg on the left hand was the most numerous. The interest was that the best athletes from the 75 and 80 kg categories (WAF) entered this category. Traditionally, a good fight was shown last year's champion Magzhan Shamiev, who went to the semifinals with one defeat. The second participant of the semifinal was Zurab Hadzhiev from Russia, it is worth mentioning separately that he showed incredible strength in the fight in the hook. Expected, the semi-final became tense and protracted, and Zurab won it. Shamiev could not defend his title, but gold remained in the team of Kazakhstan - junior Alizhan Muratov was on top, he did not lose a single duel to his left hand and took his first gold among professionals.

On the right hand there was even more participants - 26. Last year's champion David Samushia from Georgia could not defend his title and even get into the top 3, and it was a big surprise. As well as on the left hand, Magzhan Shamiev pulled well and reached the semifinal with one defeat. The second finalist was a junior from Lithuania, a champion and prize-winner of the championships of Europe and World Vladislavs Krasovskis. Lightning start of Magzhan became his main weapon in this fight. The Turkish team came to this World Cup and they are not the most frequent guests of this tournament.

The team was not numerous, but guys came for sure not for tourism. Representative of Turkey Hamza Ziypak was uncontrollable, on his way he defeated all rivals, not yielding to anyone. In the final, even Magzhan Shamiev could not cope with it, and this is another gold for the debutant of the World Cup.

Quite frankly, very few people believed in a sensation in the category of up to 86 kg on the left hand, Oleg Zhokh today remains out of reach. Also clear superiority over the rest (except for Oleg) was shown by Plamen Dimitrov, who became the second. Bronze was taken by Alexey Evdokimov from Russia, who also presented several surprises to his rivals.

On the right hand is worth noting a veteran of arm wrestling - Pascal Girard from Switzerland. Pascal did not look 86 kg clearly and was smaller in size than his rivals, but that did not stop him from coping with most of them. He went without defeats to the duel for reaching the final, where he lost to a younger generation, junior, world champion in juniors and seniors, Oguzhan Kocak from Turkey. As well as on the left hand Plamen Dimitrov showed an excellent fight, he met with Pascal in the semifinals. Plamen easily won and reached the final, which was the same as at the World Cup-2017. Oguzhan Kocak, like many in this tournament, took the gold in the debut World Cup.

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