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How it was: Vendetta All Stars, pt 2 >>>

How it was: Vendetta All Stars, pt 2 # Armwrestling #

Continuation of the review of the fights that took place at Vendetta All Stars. ()

Dave Chaffee (USA) - Dmitry Trubin (Kazakhstan)

The fight between Dave and Dmitry was the most anticipated and interesting for the fans. All expected to see the updated Dmitry Trubin on the one hand and the most prepared Dave Chaffee on the other. Dave said before the fight that he would be in better shape than ever and stressed that in training he not only improves his physical and technical qualities, but also pays time to study his opponent. Despite the difference in weight, Dave did not look smaller than Dimitry. From the first round, C Chaffee's advantage was more evident, he could block the strengths of Trubin and show his own. After the first round, there was a certain confusion of Dmitry. In the second round, Dave again won a confident victory. After that, Dima tried to fight in the hook, but Dave was completely ready for it and again won. Dmitry’s confusion was an explanation - after the fight in the third round he asked for help, his right pectoral muscle was troubled. With the naked eye it was evident that it was not all right, the pectoral region was red, and inflammation was already visible. In the fourth round, Dima once again tried to compete, but the attempt was unsuccessful again. After the fourth round, he decided not to continue the fight, after which he said in an interview that he would analyze and understand why all this happened exactly. Well, Dave Chaffee did an excellent job and gained an important victory. The final score is 4: 0.

Michael Todd (USA) - Andrey Pushkar (Ukraine)

This fight was eagerly awaited not only by fans of arm wrestling, but also by the participants too. In the distant 2012, Michael "Monster" Todd in a dominant manner dealt with Andrew. Since then, the position of the athletes has changed somewhat, but the revenge between these sportsmen has always been topical. Michael recovered from injury and had an excellent preparation for this fight, he needed a victory to become the strongest armwrestler. For Andrey Pushkar this fight was no less important. Many rightfully consider Andrey to be the strongest, but no one forgot to remind him of his defeat from the Monster. Andrey had to wait five years to restore his reputation, and, naturally, he was 100% ready. Everyone understood perfectly well that the scenario of the match will be the same as in their first meeting, and the main question are have Andrey made any conclusions, will he be able to change his style throughout the course of match if everything repeats. Before the fight, Andrey looked very collected and confident.

In the first round, after the straps, Andrey pinned Michael's arm to the pillow with a powerful movement, it seems that Pushkar became incredibly strong even for the Monster's crown technique. In the second round, Andrey again starts a powerful movement, Michael manages to hold him at the pillow, but the referee stops the fight and gives victory to Andrey. This was a controversial decision, but the referees took it out. Michael decided not to give any more reasons, and in the third round we saw the good old Monster, the attacking movement of Andrey stopped and Michael begins his game. All attempts to press Michael's hand are unsuccessful and Andrey fouls intentionally, then gets another foul and a victory goes to Michael. The fourth round was repeated completely, Michael compares the score, Andrey is noticeably tired. The fifth round of this confrontation was a real gift, it started as well as the two previous ones, the fight was in the center of the table, Michael waited, Andrey was getting exhausted. But Pushkar does something he was not advised by only lazy - after several unsuccessful attacks, he gives his wrist and attacks the triceps! Yes, Pushkar pulls in the triceps! Andrey presses Monster’s hand to the pad and the venue just explodes after seeing. In the sixth round, Andrey could bring the fight to victory, again attacking the triceps, thereby closing the defeat to the Monster five years ago. The final score is 2:4. Andrey showed that he continues to develop and is ready to defend his title from any armwrestler. Well, Michael once again proved that he is a true professional and a sportsman of the highest level.

Todd Hutchings (USA) - Rustam Babaev (Ukraine)

The main event of the evening was a duel for the title of world champion in the category of 95 kg according to the PAL version between the legendary Rustam Babaev and the real dinosaur from the USA - Todd "Toddzilla" Hutchings. Most fans unconditionally put on the victory of Rustam, but we knew that Toddzilla might surprise, that he had already repeatedly shown. Rustam was very serious, he was extremely self-collected and from the first seconds turned on at full capacity. In the first round, Rustam won a lightning victory. We waited for Todd to "warm up" a little and turn on his endurance, but for this it was necessary to at least hook Rustam. But that evening, Babaev was much stronger, and as in the first and subsequent rounds did not leave a single chance to Hutchings. 0:6 and the title of champion category to 95 kg goes to Rustam Babaev. Who can compete with Rustam at this weight? This is a good and complex issue for the organizers of Vendetta, which will soon need to be answered.

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