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Mircea Simionescu-Simicel: "Armwrestling World Cup for Disabled gets us closer to the goal " >>>

Mircea Simionescu-Simicel: "Armwrestling World Cup for Disabled gets us closer to the goal " # Armwrestling #

Right after Zloty Tur and Vendetta All Stars we have another one high-quality event - Armwrestling World cup for Disabled. General Secretary of World Armwrestling Federation Mircea Simionescu-Simicel shared his opinion about the event and the future of para-armwrestling. ()

Mircea, this was the first Armwrestling World Cup for Disabled organized by Polish Armwrestling Federation under the auspices of WAF. How do you like it?

– I liked the Armwrestling World Cup for Disabled. For me every championship like this is a great pleasure, because with each event like this we all become more and more professional about working with disabled athletes and most of all because this event gets us closer to our most important goal - to make armwrestling the most preferable para-sport.

Also, is a great satisfaction to witness the sport spirit of disabled athletes - every time I am impressed more and more from their will to win.

The organization was at excellent level for which I want to express my gratitude to Polish Armwrestling Federation and to wish them to continue to develop our wonderful sport among disabled athletes.

I cannot skip also the city hall of Rumia and Gdansk who gave to the organizers the possibility to make the staying of athletes, trainers and official in Poland one great adventure.

FAP made some novelties organizing this event.

What can you say about it?

– FAP made great innovations and I can say they are a trendsetter into the event design and organization. Regarding the glasses for Visual Impairment athletes, WAF is using them since and we are happy that FAP took our example. This is something which all the national federations should do, on our opinion. If we want to get closer to the Paralympic Games we need to approach ourselves with every event and to act strictly according to our Classification Code, which is approved by IPC.

Please, tell about the perspectives of para-armwrestling?

– Para-armwrestling have a bright future ahead. It is in our power to develop at national level the para-armwrestling programs and to make our sport more popular between disabled persons. It is an easy to understand, cheap to play and adaptive sport for all types of disabilities.

WAF is in the application process for the inclusion of para-armwrestling into the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games. We kindly ask our members to increase the number of participants in their country and to attend in bigger teams in the Continental and World Championships. Thank you!


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