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Eduardo Tiete: “It was very difficult to pull Dawid” >>>

Eduardo Tiete: “It was very difficult to pull Dawid” # Armwrestling #

We saw a great fight of really equal sportsmen - Eduardo Tiete and Dawid Bartosiewicz. Eduardo shared his opinion about the result of it. ()

Are you satisfied with your result?

– I think the result was fair to both me and Dawid.

Can you say that Dawid will become stronger than the last time? Was it hard to pull with him?

– Yes, he came a lot stronger than the first time he weighed 81kg and he was in great shape, it was very difficult to pull him, he had a great responsibility for having this rematch in his country, I think he used all resources that he had at that moment.

What do you think was not enough for you to win?

– For me it lacked more speed in the start, I was very slow and that made it impossible for me to put my hook, I think that if my hook had entered I would win for sure.

How do you think it's necessary to pull Dawid a third time?

– This does not depend on me. If the organizers think I have to fight for the third time I will pull with great pleasure and I'm sure I will win.

Who do you think might be a rival for you in Vendetta?

– I think it would be a good fight against Magzhan Shamyiev, ​​he has been showing that he is one of the best in the category I had the pleasure of fighting and winning him in 2016 in the Zloty tur.

I want to thank all the staff of the and all the organizers who organized this great event and especially Igor Mazurenko for the opportunity to be there.

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