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Who should be the next for Dave Chaffee? >>>

Who should be the next for Dave Chaffee? # Armwrestling #

Dave Chaffee vs Dmitry Trubin Vendetta review by Engin Terzi ()

To be honest I was expecting a tougher battle between Dave Chaffee and Dmitry Trubin but I was wrong. Dave is so powerful that it is near impossible to go against him with direct side pressure. Trubin knew this and looks like he made his plans on toprolling Dave. I was expecting Dave to side pressure with wrist control but I realize that he studied Andrey Pushkar vs Dmitry Trubin Vendetta which happened in USA. After Pushkar failing to control Dmitry’s pronator and losing his wrist in 2015 Zloty Tur Pushkar applied an outer pin move at their Vendetta and beat Trubin 5-1 with this good strategy.

During my +25 years long career I have learnt that people who drops their front wrist often to avoid hook move are having front wrist solidness problems by recording this kind of muscle memory. So they are very effective against the hook pullers while they may become vulnerable against the toprollers. I am not saying that Trubin has weak front wrist but I remember how he was often dropping his front wrist for example against Krasimir Kostadinov during the times that they were opponents in 100kg class.

But one thing is for sure that Dmitry’s hand and wrist strength do not handle his back pressure. Of course it is easy to talk from outside without pulling against Dave Chaffee who is very powerful but I just share my thoughts and analyses about this Vendetta which we expected to be much tougher. Dave was clearly stronger and he dominated the match with the right strategy. His hand and wrist were strong enough to handle the pressure that both athletes applied to outside.

It is hard to write a long story of a Vendetta which took less than 10 seconds but I am sure that disappointment of Trubin was more than ours as he seemed very big and strong. In my opinion Dave with the performance he showed deserves to be the opponent of Andrey Pushkar for the PAL Professional World Title. Last time these two athletes pulled against each other was a few years ago in a Russian pro event and there Pushkar easily defeated Dave. The way that Dave beat Trubin makes me think that this time it will not be as easy as the last time if they pull a Vendetta. I will just hope PAL to set such a Vendetta and will watch with excitement if it happens!

Engin Terzi

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