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Alex Kurdecha - football or armwrestling? >>>

Alex Kurdecha - football or armwrestling? # Armwrestling #

Alex Kurdecha - the strongest arm wrestler among football players. The best footballer among the armwrestlers! Will he make a choice? Or maybe he will reconcile his two passions? Let's ask Alex right after the impressive success at the World Cup. ()



Alex Kurdecha is the athlete of the team "Armfight Piaseczno", the ward of Marcin Lahovich.

At first he was just a fan of the Zloty Tur, two years ago he decided to pull there, but the result was not the best. As you probably know - Alex also engages in American football in one of the Warsaw teams. When I found out about this, I immediately convinced Alex to finally decide on – armwrestling or football. But he remained adamant.

This year at the Zloty Tur he won a bronze medal on his right hand in a difficult and numerous [23 player] category +105 kg. Seeing this with my own eyes, I was sure it was a breakthrough, and now Alex will be ready for a final decision. Therefore I immediately asked:

PeSzy: Alex, now did you decide on the choice of sports discipline? Does not this round thing on your neck grab you? I waited, and Alex answered:

Alex Kurdecha: I must disappoint you, I will continue to play football and I will combine it with armwrestling.

PeSzy: But do you see that these are two completely different sports, they can not be combined?

Alex Kurdecha: Just because armwrestling and football are two completely different disciplines, they fascinate me so. In armwrestling, I am alone, and it all depends on me. My opponent and me. I know that if I'm right, I can overcome anyone. In football, we have forty-six guys in the team, eleven on the field. Each has his own specialization. It's like a "war". We are fighting on the principle of "one for all, all for one."

PeSzy: Well, I agree, this is the most team game in the world. But... do you really need to play football? Alex, because in arm wrestling you can be at the top of the absolute category, be among the best, you're already there... With this ball that is not round, can you achieve something?

Alex Kurdecha: Actually, in Poland there is no such team that plays in the international arena. However, I will not concede. Both disciplines matter.

PeSzy: Well, somehow we have to take it ... Tell me, how do you like Zloty Tur? Did you seem to have a good draw?

Alex Kurdecha: What does "good" mean?

PeSzy: I was joking :-)

Alex Kurdecha: In the first fight, I got on Sabin Badulescu [Romania].

He defeated Saginashvili at the World Championships. And I defeated him. And get on Saginashvili. We went in straps with him, I lost, but I took a little strength from him. Then Scot Mendelssohn - this is the bench press record-holder. A difficult opponent, he fights in the style of Denis Tsyplenkov. But I did it! The fourth fight...

PeSzy: I do not remember it, I probably went out, not to be nervous. How it was?

Alex Kurdecha: I came across the Turk [Arif Ertem], who defeated Saginashvili, then Kvikvinia. The Turk has a strong wrist. I managed to open his wrist, as coach Marcin Lachowicz  suggested.

PeSzy: And Mariusz Podgorski ...

Alex Kurdecha: Yes! Mariusz Podgorski said that after this fight I can defeat everyone. It really motivated me. Thank you, Mariusz! The next opponent - Davide Kappa - I pulled toproll and so won another fight. Then there was a fight, after which it was possible to get on the pedestal. Although Tsvetkov was tired after the battle with Silaev, I must squeeze out a thousand percent of myself.

I felt the "climate" of the Zloty Tur, I heard support, I was happy. Many thanks to the coach. Marcin Lachowicz  was with me all the time.

PeSzy: Well, Alex - congratulations! I will not persuade you to abandon football any more. It may be that in your case this combination can give good results. Thank you for talking!



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