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Rustam Babayev: "I was ready for any surprise" >>>

 Rustam Babayev: "I was ready for any surprise" # Armwrestling #

Vendetta with Rustam Babaev and Todd Hutchings was very fast, Rustam was on the peak of preparation. What are his impressions of the fight? ()

How do you feel after Vendetta with Todd Hutchings? From the side it seemed that it was quite easy for you to pull, is it true?

- I feel fine. Everything went smoothly on Vendetta. I was well prepared for any surprise from Todzilla. In training, I was able to increase the strengths in certain exercises, and this immediately affected the effectiveness of my pulling style.

What do you think about the Zloty Tur-2017? What results were unexpected for you?

- The tournament, as always, was organized at the highest level. A lot of high-level athletes arrived. There were no pass categories. But, as such, there were no surprises, but there was something to see.

What Vendetta pair do you remember and why?

- It was interesting to watch the pair of Kvikvinia - Bresnan, where the forces were almost equal, and it was necessary to thoroughly think through each step. It was also interesting to see how Pushkar pull with Todd.

What's your next start?

- The next start, if it everything will be fine, - Lotoshino.

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