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  Armwrestling has been an organized World Wide sport for decades but still it did not get enough of respect that it deserves because of not being an Olympic Sport Discipline. ()

There are many reasons for our sport not being in the Olympics, some are our fault and some are the populist Olympic Committee’s fault. I am not going to discuss why we are not an Olympic Sport but I want to discuss about the closest possible way to reach Olympic recognition.

   I believe that the closest way to reach Olympic recognition is through the Disabled Armwrestling. It is not that easy for disabled people to perform all kind of sports but there are some sport disciplines that are well fitting for these special athletes. In my opinion armwrestling is one of these well-fitting sports for the disabled athletes. Armwrestling is such a great physical combat sport that disabled people has chance to beat people who does not have disabilities. To me this is a great prove for armwrestling being a perfect physical combat sport for most of these special people.

  What I try to say is that para-armwrestling is the way for our sport to receive it’s Olympic recognition because para-armwrestling’s popularity has much more potential to be very famous in disabled athletics than armwrestling in none disabled athletes.

Of course, that armwrestling also deserves to be in the Olympic Games but para-armwrestling has better chance and their presence in Paralympic Games will be a great advertisement for our sport in general. So I believe that future of armwrestling has a lot to do with disabled armwrestling’s promotion.

  I see the passion in disabled athletes bigger than regular athletes in any kind of sport discipline including armwrestling and this passion of will be a great representation for our great sport of armwrestling in Paralimpic Games when they will be accepted by IOC. One thing is for sure that para-armwrestling will receive Olympic recognition before us and if we all wish armwrestling to be part of the Olympic Games then we should care about disabled armwrestling as much as we care about none disabled armwrestling. In fact, we must do this not only to receive Olympic recognition but as to serve our moral values since disabled or not we all are part of the humanity family and we all are possible disable people in the future.

  As someone who served armwrestling for more than quarter century I would like to ask everyone who cares about the future of our sport, to promote disabled armwrestling. As an athlete I will not have chance to be part of the Olympic Games but I would like to be part of it as a coach or even as a fan of armwrestling.

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