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Viktorio Sovic: "I'm sure I will bring a victory!" >>>

Viktorio Sovic: "I'm sure I will bring a victory!" # Armwrestling #

Viktorio Sovic, Croatian armwrestler, will meet Italian Angelo Varchetta at the table at the Supermatch in three weeks. ()

Please tell us about yourself, your story. Why did you choose this sport?

– I’m from Croatia, Dugo Selo to be exact (very near to Zagreb). As a young child I began to train along my father who passed away when I was 16, he is my idol. I always loved to train hard in the gym and I somehow find myself in the armwrestling.My first tournament was in 2010 in Zagreb and I made very good results.I choose that sport because you are depending only on yourself, how much I train the better I get.

Tell us about your training.

How do you rate your chances?

– I train every day with my sparing partners Ivo Križan, Mate Mamić and Josip Burušić. They help me a lot because they are pushing my limits.I’m expecting a very good match for the crowd and for us. I’m sure that I will bring back home a victory.I think that the organization is doing a very good job and I’m very excited to be a part of it.

What do you think about other Vendettas - who will be the winner?

– I think all of the matches are very interesting and let the best man wins.

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