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Through sportsman's eyes: Russian para-armwrestling championship >>>

Through sportsman's eyes: Russian para-armwrestling championship # Armwrestling #

From February 8 to February 10, 2018 in Moscow took place the National Armwrestling Championship of Russia for the Disabled. ()

Traditionally, the tournament was held in the building of the Russian Paralympic Committee on Turgenevskaya Square. 158 sportsmen from 25 regions of the country participated in the competition. The fight was tough, uncompromising and very rich with great duels in all the classes and categories presented. We bring to your attention the short report of the participant of the Championship Natalia Yanuto who became the champion on both hands.

"My armwrestling in 2018 started just fine. As always, in a warm atmosphere, with old friends and also with newcomers. It was very joyful to see experienced armwrestlers, professionals, as well as athletes from the Paralympic sports, who took part in this championship. This time there were over 150 participants of the para-armwrestling Championship from different regions of our vast homeland. I would like to note athletes with physical impairment (PID, PIU) from such regions as the Republic of North Ossetia, Krasnoyarsk Region, the Republic of Dagestan, Perm Region, the Republic of Tatarstan, Moscow, Mordovia, Chelyabinsk Region, Moscow Region, Samara Region, Tyumen Region, Yaroslavl Region, Tver Region, Tula Region , Kemerovo Region, Sverdlovsk Region, Rostov Region.

At the opening of the Championship for athletes was prepared a special surprise, which brought a piece of warmth and joy. This was Ania Mazurenko, who flew from Poland to meet us:

"I came to you to learn from you!" - said Ania at the opening of our championship and presented gifts - personal cups to well-known people who, although not noticeably, contribute so much to the development of our wonderful and beloved sport - para-armwrestling.

After the warm-ups, all the participants went to their places, surrounding a huge arena, where special tables for pulling were placed. Tables for standing fight were in the left corner, and tables for the sitting fight - in the right one.

Watching the wrestling of your colleagues, you can not hold back the cries of excitement and at the same time, throwing off a woolen sleeve, you quickly rise in front of your side of the table and see the opponent’s hand and dive into fight again and again. And such a whirlpool of events lasts almost until the evening ... we are watched by our leaders and coaches, parents and even our own children. They are excited no less than us, somewhere more, because we are not just athletes to whom people are accustomed. We are very different. We are in wheelchairs. We are on prostheses instead of legs. We are even somewhere one-armed (there is a special class now). We are juniors with infantile cerebral palsy, but this is us!  We come to the table and fight! We struggle, forgetting about the pain, forgetting about some stereotypes and failures and we win! Victory gives us opportunity. Opportunity to realize ourselves. The opportunity to get up in the morning knowing what to do this afternoon. The opportunity to leave your own little one, but a trace in history.

The struggle was intense. But how else if this is the Russian Championship?! It happened so that in Russia there are the strongest competitors. If pullers from other countries go to compete with the strongest to the World Championship, we have to fight with the World champions at home, in our own country. Long-standing tradition of para-armwrestling is to annually take gold cups in team rating. Bring home the gold, silver and bronze medals. And then train again, work on yourself and grow, achieving higher goals!

p.s. My dear readers, the report was not fully disclosed specifically so that you could join the next Championship, see with your own eyes and feel this atmosphere. We are always excited to see all interested athletes and fans at our competitions.

Yanuto Natalia, multiple para-armwrestling Champion of Russia, Europe and the World"

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