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Lebanon in Europe! # Armwrestling #

Last year, in Lebanon there was a tournament, in which the strongest armwrestler Andrey Pushkar took part. This tournament marked the beginning of the development of armwrestling in the country. What next? Karim El-Andary, the president of the Lebanese armwrestling federation, shares his plans. ()

Mr. Karim El Andary, what do you think about armwrestling in Lebanon today? How do you see it’s perspectives?..

Karim El Andary: Armwrestling sport is becoming very popular in Lebanon. Thanks to the efforts of our athletes and my team is growing very fast and more over, LAW is officially recognized by WAF and Armwrestling is officially adopted sport in Lebanon recognized by the Ministry of Sports. As the Lebanese Armwrestling Federation President and Official WAF Observer I have adopted a strategy to promote and develop Lebanese armwrestling nationally and worldwide. I have promised the Lebanese people to bring the strongest athletes to Europe, and here is the First Lebanese Armwrestling National team flying to Italy. As of now it consists of only two pullers - our champions - Marc Bassil and George Bejjani who will be competing in the “XIII Supermatch” Brescia-Italy on the 3rd of March 2018.

After you had a vision of the development of sports in Lebanon, what was the trigger for such a breakthrough?

Karim El Andary: I have organized the First Official Armwrestling National Sports Championship in Lebanon which had a huge success. The tournament was organized on a high professional level following the WAF rules and regulations, turning in 5 main regions then going to an unforgettable Finals in the heart of our Capital Beirut at Martyr’s Square under the patronage of Prime Minister Mr. Saad Hariri, in the presence of the World Champion Andrey Pushkar and the supervision of European Masters referees David Shead (U.K) and Katia Crucciti (Italy). This sporting event gave us confidence that armwrestling has great potential in Lebanon and I promise that Europe will see the Lebanese strongmen on its pedestals of honor in the nearest future.

What would you like to say to the Lebanese National team going to Italy?

Karim El Andary: I wish the Lebanese National team the best of luck in Europe and believe that this first generation of Lebanese professional armwrestlers will bring back medals, trophies and international experience to grow Lebanese armwrestling to be from the strongest competing teams in the world.

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