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Alex Kurdecha: "It was a super match!" >>>

Alex Kurdecha: "It was a super match!" # Armwrestling #

On his return from Italy, Alex Kurdecha describes his impressions in one word: "Super!". In fact, the event was a success. ()

Alex, how was your Supermatch XIII?

Alex Kurdecha: Everything was spontaneous and Italian, fun, emotional, loud. Guys know how to cheer up their players. I really enjoyed it. There were many fans, each participant had his own fan club. Since both amateurs and juniors fought, some fights started right from the morning. The place chosen for the championship was really beautiful, elegant, full of monuments. At first the tournament was held on three tables, and then Vendetta's armfights already at the same table in a very solemn atmosphere. I was the first time in this championship, but I see that the Italians can really make a good event. In all respects and, as I said, in the Italian style.

How's your fight?

Alex Kurdecha: Before, I did not have a chance to pull with Manuel. But I saw how he pulled against Vitaly Laletin. It was a really tough fight, and Vitaly's victory was difficult. I also knew that he was third at the Senec hand tournament in a category with a good composition. Manuel Battaglia is an uncomfortable opponent, he has a very large hand, as if he was specially created for the toproll . Has a long forearm. The match was held in five rounds. For the first three we pulled toproll and with straps. I managed to win every round very quickly and accurately. When I was leading 3-0, in the last two rounds we decided to fight in a hook, so that the audience could see that it was possible.

Alex, since last year's tournament "Zloty Tur 2017", you started a white band in your sports career. On the right hand in the open class you were third. How do you see this period of your career?

Alex Kurdecha: In fact, since November 2017 it is the period of my greatest achievements in arm-wrestling. I want to emphasize here the role of the club coach Armfight Piaseczno, Marcin Lachowicz, in my sporting development. Marcin not only helps me from the point of view of tactics and technology, but also in training with weights.

We train together, I have someone to take an example from.

In two weeks we will have the Championship of Poland, will you have time to rest?

Alex Kurdecha: Of course! I will come to the championship of Poland in good shape!

Thank you for the interview, best regards!

The voice of the coach is Marcin Lachowicz, athlete and coach Armfight Piaseczno

Marcin, do you know Alex's rival?

Marcin Lachowicz: I pulled with Manuel Battaglia on the Senec hand. I knew how to prepare specifically for this uncomfortable athlete. Alex made a plan for 70%, and that was enough to win 5: 0. The key was lateral pressure and wrist strength. To be honest, I was not bothered by the result.

How do you look at Alex's second discipline - American football? Is not it time to choose?

Marcin Lachowicz: So far, football matches do not interfere with arm wrestling. There's no reason to be afraid. Let's not deceive ourselves, football gives more money than arm wrestling at the moment.

The voice of a sparring partner

Konrad Jaworowski (bodybuilder, arm wrestler and personal trainer) was emotionally worried about Alex's fight. They not only train and cooperate, but also are friends and an "almost" family.

So I asked what was the outcome of the struggle?

Konrad Jaworowski: I was sure that Alex would win, maybe not with 5-0, but with a significant advantage. Such confidence did not come out of nowhere. I watched the training that Alex did. They were really tough, with special concentration and attention.

Konrad, tell me, how do you look at Alex's second sport, American football?

Konrad Jaworowski: I understand that Alex is looking for other sports victories. American football is completely different from arm wrestling, so it should not interfere. I think that Alex has a lot of success both at the table and on the field.

Thank you for talking.

Konrad Jaworowski: Greetings to the readers!


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photo: Razi EL Andary

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