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At the finish line: Plamen Dimitrov >>>

At the finish line: Plamen Dimitrov # Armwrestling #

One of the strongest world armwrestlers is ready for Supermatch! ()

Are you satisfied with your training?

– Yes, I am satisfied but there is always something to improve. I had opportunity to do a very good sparring training with a lot of good and strong friends! 

Do you think that there was enough time for preparation? If there was an opportunity - what else would you add to the training process?

– The time is never enough but anyway I hope I will show good results. Maybe if I had more time I would have trained and rested more, but with my work it is not possible.

What do you think, what methods / techniques will your opponent use against you?

– Most of Italian guys use top roll but probably my opponent will use hook.

What do you wish the participants of the supermatch and Vendetta?

– I wish everybody good luck and to finish the competition safe and without injuries! Show some good matches, sportsmanship and let's hope soon armwrestling will be in the Olympic games!

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