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The French Armwrestling National Championship took place on March 3-rd, 2018 in Velizy, near to Paris. The Head Referee of French Armwrestling Federation Ciprian Valean tells about sportsmen's success. ()

The French Armwrestling National Championship took place on March 3-rd, 2018 in Velizy, near to Paris. There were 90 participants representing 10 from 17 armwrestling clubs of France.

This year the organization changed and it was a little worse organized than last year in Nice. Nice was an incredible national championship and everyone called it the greatest ever made since there is armwrestling in France.

There was no open category this year because schedule did not allow to do it.

Everybody noticed the absence of Aymeric Pradines, the French Overall champion on both hands, because of injuries.

In the lighter weight classes, David Vitry did a great job as usual and won both hands. Christophe "THE STING" Rey couldn’t get any advantage of his chance against David this year because of biceps injury during qualification fight.

In 75kg David Diouf was surprisingly beaten by the new strong guy Denis Pancu from Romania on both hands.

Jozsef Lovei, who usually dominated in 80 kgs category, didn’t compete this year so the strong guy from Mali, Yoro Sidibe replaced him and won the category without big trouble on both hands.

Last year, the 85 kgs category was won by Michael Bobillo but this time it was Oleksander Zaremba who was on the 1-st place.

90 kgs category featured some great fights between Salih Buldukoglu who won both hands and David Lampasona who comes close to the first place every year.

There was no surprise in 100 kgs category: Oleksander Ilnytskyi won everyone pretty easily with a lot of power. The Ukrainian 100kg champion 2017 decided to pull for French team because he lives in Lyon, France with his wife and daughter. 

+100 kgs was the hardest category with really powerful opponents who are among the top armwrestlers in France. Probably the best match of this championship was one between Ahkmed Akmurzayev and Quentin Cherrey. It was thrilling fight with Ahkmed's incredible victory.

Michael Gattoni won on right hand in final against very explosive puller Iago Gvidiani. On left hand, Dumitru Podac, who normally pulls for Romania team, won over Iago Gvidiani. Dumitru’s hand control was better.

Gregory Collon won the disabled category as usual. He is the most powerful disabled athlete in France and he competed also in senior class and did great fights against normal armwrestlers.

Our veterans, Alain Pratali and Alain Lanique, also showed us a great master-class in good fight between each other. They both are World Champions in Masters category.

I don't know if the team is going to Worlds or Europeans but I’m sure that we will be represented by at least one French athlete.

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