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Placido Marco Gioco: "I am satisfied with Vendetta" >>>

Placido Marco Gioco: "I am satisfied with Vendetta" # Armwrestling #

Italian Placido Marco Gioco had the most difficult rival at the Vendetta at Supermatch. What is neccessary to pull with Plamen Dimitrov? ()

Placido, are you satisfied with your result?

– I lost 5-0 but I am satisfied because I know what I have to do about my training now.

What do you think you should change, what to focus on in order to improve your performance?

– I think I need to improve my technique. 

If there was an opportunity to repeat the fight, what tactics would you choose?

– I was very nervous, if I had a second chance I would pull the same style but with self-control.

What would you say about your teammates?

– About my teammates I think that we have not shown the best of us - we were all too much anxious.

Did you like the championship at all? Whose performance impressed you the most?

– The XIII Super Match has been impeccable, perfect organization, very nice location. The level of this tournament is higher every year and probably it will be always better. The best performance was Plamen Dimitrov’s performance without doubts.


Photo: Razi El Andary

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