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Ukrainian Nationals-2018 >>>

Ukrainian Nationals-2018 # Armwrestling #

Last weekend, on March 16-18, Ukrainian nationals was held. ()

Last weekend, on March 16-18, Ukrainian nationals was held. The championship was held in Vinnytsia region in Nemyriv. This year, a small number of participants – about 200 people – unexpectedly announced, but the level of the tournament was not affected, the strongest athletes of the country took part. Very good level showed juniors who decided to pull in the senior category and showed good results.

According to the results of the championship, a national team will be formed, which will represent Ukraine at the upcoming championships of Europe and the world. It should be noted that the team will include experienced athletes who have been representing the country at international tournaments and new talented athletes for many years, but we hope that each of them will show a good result.

Among the girls defended their leadership positions Anastasia Goncharenko, Victoria Ilyushina, Marina Shulika, Lina Demenko and Ksenia Skyrda, winning their categories in both hands. In the +70 category among the girls, an experienced athlete from the Poltava region Liliya Zanko won on her left hand, and Anastasia Scholokova, a talented student of Snezhana Babaeva, on the right. Each of these girls already has experience of performing in the international arena, it will help them this season too.

Men in categories up to 55 kg and up to 60 kg were held without intrigue, the leaders of the categories - Nazar Ivanitsky and Alexander Balandin won gold in their categories on both hands.

In the category of up to 65 kg, the clear leader was Khaiser Ibrishev - multiple champion of Ukraine, champion and prize-winner of international championships, including the Professional World Cup. Thanks to such sportsmen as Khaiser, every year in the category young athletes show the best result, because they have someone to strive for and where to grow. At this championship, Khaiser had 2 silver medals, in both finals he lost to the young guys - to Sergey Morykon on his left hand and Andrey Druchkiv on the right. The sad fact was that Khaiser in the final fight was injured in the left hand, we wish him a speedy recovery and are waiting for him in the ranks.

The category up to 70 kg became the most numerous and one of the most competitive. There were a lot of good duels and confrontations of experience and youth. As a result, young athlete Denis Matyash, who last year represented Ukraine at international starts as part of the junior team, took the gold on his left hand. On the right hand, gold has experienced Arthur Musaelyan, who put his best in every fight. His dedication was very appreciable and it brought the result.

In the category of up to 75 kg at the top again young athlete, Roman Mantyka - multiply prize-winner of international championships among juniors and youth. Now Roman is in the senior category, and at the national selection he defended more than confidently, taking two gold.

Long-time champion of Ukraine up to 75 kg Vyacheslav Zhigiliy changed the category and now pulls at 80 kg. Vyacheslav did not meet any special problems in a new category. He did not lose a single duel either on the right or on left hands and deservedly took two gold.

In the category of up to 85 kg, no one doubted the victory of Oleg Zhokh on his left hand. But the second on the left and the first on the right hand was taken by another young athlete - Oleg Petrenko, a pupil of Andrey Pushkar, the current world champion among juniors.

Evgeniy Prudnik has traditionally won up to 90 kg. Evgeniy 's left hand is in incredible shape, as the athlete says. The right was not yet fully restored and he had to "sweat" in the category, but he took the gold medal. An excellent fight turned out between titled Mger Musaelyan and Igor Paseka. It is also worth noting the silver medalist on his right hand - Vyacheslav Hlushchenko, he had several very important victories, which should give him additional motivation.

The category up to 100 kg turned out to be small, but very competitive. On the left hand, the main favorites were Ayder Alidinov and Vadym Stetsyuk, but Igor Okara did not quite agree with this. Igor twice defeated Vadym on his strong left arm and in the finals he could win against Ayder. Before the gold, he will have one victory, but in the super finals, Aider won and defended his championship. On the right hand, Petro Margarint became unattainable for all, moved from the category to 90 kg. Petro easily defeated all his eminent rivals and took the gold.

Anton Kalyazin became the absolute champion to 110 kg. Long experience of performances for the national team and good form allowed Anton to dominate in the category on both hands, deserved two gold.

In the heavyweight division, the athletes showed a beautiful and technical fights. The victory on the left hand was celebrated by Ilya Izman, the second and third became Dmitry Ionov and Rasim Memet respectively. On the right hand before the final got Dmitry and Rasim. The final was remembered by all present - Dmitry defeated Rasim, but Rasim did not agree with the decision of the judges. Dmitry decided to support his friend and offered to compete without referees, the hall met this intention with well-deserved applause. Victory again was by Ionov and he became the champion. Dima, Rasim - bravo, it was cool.

We wish the whole Ukrainian team good results in the upcoming European and World championships, fewer injuries and more medals.

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