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Angelo Varchetta: "The Super Match was an excellent tournament" >>>

Angelo Varchetta: "The Super Match was an excellent tournament" # Armwrestling #

Impressions of the Italian armwrestler about the fight at the Super Match and Armfight with Victorio Sovic. ()

Are you satisfied with your result? Why did the situation went this way?

– I am not satisfied about my performance. I was not in perfect shape, I was not focused. I had some troubles some days before Vendetta but I did not want give up.

What do you think you have to change, what to focus on in order to improve your performance?

– There is not limit for improvement. I need to work on pre-start focus.

If there was an opportunity to repeat the fight, what tactics would you choose?

– If I had a second chance I would fight the same way.

As I said, my problem was not about training.

What would you say about your teammates?

– My teammates tried to fight with all the power they had. Yes, they lost but I am proud of them.

Did you like the tournament in general? Whose performance impressed you the most?

– The XIII Super Match has been an excellent tournament. My friend Frank Lamparelli confirmed being a top-ranked athlete but I am still very impressed dy Plamen Dimitrov. He is a champion, he showed power, mental effort, technique and a big attention to minimal details.


Photo: Razi El Andary

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