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Armwrestling is the entire world >>>

Armwrestling is the entire world # Armwrestling #

Lada Hadzhieva is a Сhampion of the World and Europe, a multiple National Сhampion of Bulgaria. Lada performs in tournaments for para-armwrestlers and also fights in women's categories with healthy athletes. ()

Everyone who knows Lada has the impression that she has always been in armwrestling, she and the sport are inseparable. But the Champion herself claims that she got into arm wrestling quite by accident - she started to fight just for fun. The fun has turned into a serious passion and for 8 years already she has been surprising her fans and teammates with her amazing achievements.

Being in armwrestling since the very beginning, Lada, with her energy and enthusiasm contributed a lot to the development of women's armwrestling and para-armwrestling. Looking back, the pioneer of our sport notes that female arm wrestling has become much stronger over the past years, and para-armwrestling speed and power have significantly increased as well.

Speaking about her success secrets, Lada, like many champions, modestly limits the story to the long and persistent trainings. But at some point she opens up: the main secret is her openness to the constant learning of something new.

In the training process, Lada pays great attention to working out the technique on the table, strengthening it by working with weights. According to her, both play an equally important role in achieving high performance.

The champion's favorite pulling style is the hook and a large number of competitors fighting in the same style, requires a constant growth in strength and endurance.

The examples of such armwrestling stars as Veronika Bonkova, Sarah Backman, Snezhana Babaeva are helping Lada to move forward and reach the new high.

Armwrestling is a tough discipline and, as in any serious sport, the athlete experiences a lot of difficult and joyful moments. Lada Hadzhieva's career is no exception. She remembers how it was psychologically difficult for her to go through a period when a broken arm would not let her train and pull. Help came from close friends and teammates - they did not let her to "fall out" of the sport.

Talking about the joyful moments associated with armwrestling, the Bulgarian champion recalls hotel room parties with her teammates after the competitions. She especially remembers the celebration of another victory at the European Championship in Gdansk, Poland. There was a lot of laughter, funny stories and new acquaintances.

For many athletes, such as Lada Hadzhieva, armwrestling is the entire world, the second family and the opportunity to communicate with new people who, like her, are optimistic about the future and are preparing to conquer new heights of strength and spirit.

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