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Vendetta All Stars-2018: plans >>>

Vendetta All Stars-2018: plans # Armwrestling #

Igor Mazurenko lifts the veil over the upcoming Vendetta All Stars tournament and shares plans for a card of the participants. ()

In 2018, the Professional Armwrestling League decided to organize a tournament, similar to the previous Zloty Tur and Vendetta. Moreover, the date commits, as this year we will host the 50th anniversary of Vendetta All Stars. In 2003, we for the first time conducted similar fights under the name "Armfight" - it was 15 years ago.

During these 15 years we managed to hold 3-5 such events in a year, sometimes, of course, less. But the essence remains the same - this is the only professional event that can bring the athletes of amateur armwrestling to another level.

For these 15 years we have all learned that it is necessary to prepare for a Vendetta in a special way: these are six rounds of not only strength training, but also work on endurance.

Less so. This year, the anniversary Vendetta will actually be a star. Who can we see on the armfight?

Naturally, in this tournament we plan to meet with Andreyi Pushkar, who wears the title of world champion and owns the title belt. We also want to see Denis Tsyplenkov.

The question about Devon Larratt has been acute in our organization for several years in a row.

The preliminary agreement is concluded and this year we have a chance to see Devon in the armfight.

Many also were interested in the opportunity to see Vitaly Laletin at the armfight table, and according to plans Vitali will pull in a six-round match this year.

We will also see Gennady Kvikvinia, who confirmed his capabilities and readiness to fight among professionals in the fight against Tim Bresnan. From amateur armwrestling goes Gennady’s compatriot Levan Saginashvili, from whom for a long time everyone waits for an impressive fight.

Dmitry Trubin is in a rather serious situation - after several losses he needs a victory, and I hope we will see it.

Also in the plan are Tim Bresnan, Rustam Babaev, Dave Chaffee.

This year, the innovation awaits - we will play the title of European champion to 65 kg among women. We wait for the table Ekaterina Afonina and Marlena Wawrzyniak, they will pull on the left hand. The exact decision on this duel we can take after the European Championships, as Ekaterina plans to pull there.

So far, the plans for the upcoming Vendetta are developing this way, but there is still something to work on. All changes in the composition of athletes will be reported in official announcements.

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