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The speed and power of Vitaly Laletin is something! >>>

The speed and power of Vitaly Laletin is something! # Armwrestling #

Perhaps I do not agree with the opinion of the absolute majority of commentators of the future match Laletin-Zhokh that Oleg Zhokh is an absolute favorite here, and for him it will be an "easy walk". ()

Of course, Oleg Zhokh is a very strong guy. His left is simply incredible. But, let's not forget that Vitaly Laletin is not a street boy! He is a multiple champion of Russia, Europe and world. Also, he is one of the few people who could, even once, but overcome Andrey Pushkar.

I have been following Vitaliy's career for a very long time, and I see how he progresses from year to year. His speed and power is something. In addition, Laletin has simply outstanding anthropometry. Zhokh is uncomfortable with his opponents because of the size of the wrist. But Vitaly's arm is also not small, and here you also need to add the length of the lever.

Very strong lever! By the way, because of the anthropometry of Vitali, and because he immediately wins his rivals with a riding motion, there is a misconception that Vitali is only a toproller. But, if you recall his long confrontation with Alexander Getalo at the Worlds - then there was a fight in the hook, and at the Russian championships of past years, Vitaly often had to pull in the hook. Why is he now fighting mainly toproll? Why strain, if you get it faster and more efficiently. But this does not mean that Laletin can not oppose anything to Zhokh, if the fight goes to the hook.

I am sure that Vitaly will approach this fight more than responsibly, he will properly plan the training and preparation, and that he will correctly choose the strategy of conducting a duel with Oleg, there is no doubt, since, as I said, Vitaly has a huge competitive an experience!

I will not risk making predictions for the final score, but I think Vitali will still win.


Secretary General of the FAR, Ivan Dobrorezov.

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