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Tim Bresnan: “My preparation gets harder!” >>>

Tim Bresnan: “My preparation gets harder!” # Armwrestling #

At the upcoming Vendetta Tim Bresnan will meet Rustam Babaev at the table. Who else he sees among his rivals? ()

What do you think about the format of armfight? Is it comfortable for you?

– I think armfight is the best show and set up that anyone has ever done. I love the level of the fighters.  The venue in Poland is the best set up for such a show I have ever competed at.   

Do you think the experience gained in armfights gives an advantage in next fights and armwrestling career?

– The 1 on 1 is ideal. You prepare for your opponent and only him. 

What armfight would like to see? Why?

– There are two fights I very much want to see. And I wish my friend Igor would do a little switch.  I would like to get a little payback with Genadi that is the fight I really want.

But Rustam will be a great fight and I take anyone PAL puts in front of me. No exceptions, I took my first vendetta fight against the great man Puskar less than month after I fought Devon Larratt.

Second fight is Dave Chaffee, #2, fight against Puskar #1 puller. Denis has not earned that fight.

Name three potential rivals in armfight for yourself. Why they are interesting?

– First is Genadi to get back my winning record. Second is Levan because I want the challenge of that big man. He is very powerful. Third – tossup Denis Tsyplenkov or Dmitry Trubin. Both would be great fight, I believe. I’ve been working new lifting style in gym and it has played off huge. After all these years this is hardest I’ve worked. That was before I got the call now it gets even harder and more focus!

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