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Powerlifting legend in Pro Armwrestling # Armwrestling #


Who will win the Armfight #50


Dear friends, I’m excited to announce the eighth match of Vendetta All Stars - Armfight #50!

The eighth match of the Star Vendetta series will be a duel between the legendary Scot Mendelson, USA and Alex Kurdecha, Poland.

Scot Mendelson is the legend of powerlifting, the unrivaled world record holder in the bench-press since 2002. He has broken multiple world records and now, after several years of hard training, he comes to armwrestling to change the game. Mr. Mendelson already compiled a serious competition to the world's most powerful and experienced arm wrestlers. Vendetta All Stars - Armfight # 50 will be his debut in professional armwrestling, which will attract the attention of millions of fans of Scot Mendelson and powerlifting around the world.

Vendetta All Stars - Armfight # 50 will take place in Poland and therefore the Polish heavyweight - Alex Kurdecha became the candidate for Scot Mendelssohn's challenge. Alex took the third place at the World Cup among professionals in 2017, thus becoming the best Polish professional armwrestler in his weight class. He is the absolute winner of the Polish Cup in 2016 and 2017. Alex Kurdecha came to armwrestling from American football and his outstanding physical power allows him to dominate at the Polish Cups, World and European Championships and other international tournaments. This is the second appearance of the Polish champion in the official armfight of the Professional Armwrestling League - this year he took part in Vendetta-Armfight # 49 in Italy, where he also fought victory for the Polish professional team.

Let's wish our arm fighters a successful preparation for the upcoming life-changing battle.


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