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John Brzenk analyzes >>>

John Brzenk analyzes # Armwrestling #

The legendary armwrestler analyzes chances to win of Vendetta’s participants ()

Larratt vs Tsyplenkov

Not sure if Devon’s left is healed and at full power .. but if it is, I will bet Devon finds a way to post Denis enough to stop him from his powerful side hit. If it does stop Devon can, and should win all three by bleeding Denis the very first match.

Denis has to conserve during the setup and slip early to allow the straps to help with his side hit. I don’t think his raw hand strength will be enough. Denis’s hand is to puffy in my opinion to force Devon inside wrist to wrist so I think the straps are a must for Denis.

Pushkar vs Tsyplenkov

Andrey seems like he keeps getting stronger and a little more creative in changing it up when his hit doesn’t finish someone. He still lacks patience and hasn’t really figured out how to use and protect himself in the strap.

Denis hand is so puffy big that it is hard to control the match normally without the strap. And because Andrey can and will put his hand out of position in the straps I think that Denis still has good chances to win.

Although hard to bet against the strongest hit in armwrestling right now.

Bresnan vs Babaev

Tim versus Rustam is pretty simple in my mind. Can Rustam’s speed and the way he drops straight down on the wrist get Tim hooked?? If so I think he definitely possesses the power to drop Tim’s arm to the pad which is a very scary thought seeing Tim could out hook Alexey.

Tim’s hand size and thickness along with his back pressure is hard to control for most. But I think Rustam’s short arm size will be a problem for Tim. 

I don’t see Tim do this very often but I think the key for him is to pronate and drop his hand if needed to keep Rustam from dropping on his wrist. He may need to change from his normal style to the lat dragging cobra style toproll.

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