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Alina Samotoy: "It will not be easy for anyone!" >>>

Alina Samotoy: "It will not be easy for anyone!" # Armwrestling #

Russian sportsman and referee Alina Samotoy shared her opinion about the upcoming Vendetta All Stars #50 ()

Alina, as you know, in November the anniversary Vendetta # 50 will take place. Which of the pairs are most interesting for you?

- The most interesting for me will be fights Laletin - Zhokh and Tsyplenkov - Pushkar.

Why these pairs?

- Laletin's confrontation with Zhokh is interesting because both athletes have unique anthropometry. Oleg has no rivals in his weight category for a long time, we'll see what he can counter Vitali, who weighs more, and he will also be a very uncomfortable opponent because of his height and length of the lever. Tsyplenkov – Pushkar is interesting because, it seems to me, these guys had an open question from their past meetings at the arm-table. Andrey has always been strong, but the last 2-3 years he has progressed even more in the struggle and in force.

Tsyplenkov for this time has ceased to actively participate in competitions, of course, this is not very good for the "feeling of the table," but at the same time, he rested well, his hands now are "fresh" - the more interesting it will be now to look at their new meeting.

Many people think and say that Laletin has no chance against Zhokh, and Pushkar has no chance against Denis, what do you think about this?

– You can say anything you like, but you have to understand - both Vitaly and Andrey are not athletes at the level that they can just take and give victory. Of course, they will be intensively preparing for their rivals, so it will not be easy for anyone. Personally, I will not even try to make predictions and argue that one of them will win an unconditional victory. As they say, the table will show.

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