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Where does Zloty Tur go? # Armwrestling #

  Armwrestling, as a sport, long time ago should move to professional tracks. ()

Roughly speaking, now there is no strict division of amateurs and professionals in our sport. Yes, conventionally we think that the championships of Europe and the world of WAF are amateur competitions, and the World Cup - Zloty Tur - is competitions among professionals. But let's understand that a professional tournament simply can not be the only one in the world, which is now Zloty Tur. After all, athletes who have switched from amateurs to pro need to pull somewhere else. And the transition process is unclear. The sportsman decides for himself: I am a pro now, and he goes to Poland. Of course, it should not be so. There is still some company of so-called "commercial tournaments", where pro-armwrestlers pull to. But not always these tournaments have the status of a professional organization, and even the elementary concepts of a sporting event. And, of course, there is no order, there is no regulation in these disparate tournaments. The athlete becomes the champion in the tournament in a certain city N, perhaps, gets a good prize... and that’s all. He does not get into any rating, he is not interesting for sponsors, advertisers - because no one is interested in the champion of the tournament, organized "on the knee", since the tournament is not interesting for the mass media.

As a sad result - you can at least twenty times become a champion of a "commercial tournament", but as a professional sportsman you will not get any development until there is a good professional organization. And even such tournaments exist exactly as long as there is a sponsor. The sponsor will suddenly go away - the other will not come to his place, because you can rarely find a person, who is ready to give money to competitions. After all, even a good organization of one tournament does not guarantee sponsorship - sad examples of good competitions held in excellent places - but ceased to exist simply because the sponsor left and the other did not come - we all remember well.

However, I digress. So, how should the situation change so that our beloved arm-wrestling, at last, officially received a division into amateurs and pros? First of all, there must be a clear and understandable selection system for the final event of the year - Professional World Cup. Such a system should be built in every country whose athletes want to take part in the Zloty Tur. The qualifying competitions must meet strict criteria from the organizational point of view. Only this way the athlete must get to the World Cup. And this way a cherry on the cake, for those who have won prizes of the Zloty Tur, will be Vendetta. It's a long and difficult journey, but my team has a recipe for how to do this. Moreover, we are already working in this direction! Soon, friends, you will learn amazing details about the changes in our arm-wrestling!

President of PAL Igor Mazurenko

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