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EAF Congress: doping test before the competition >>>

EAF Congress: doping test before the competition # Armwrestling #

What innovations await the world of European armwrestling after the congress of the European Federation? ()

Yesterday, the Congress of the European Armwrestling Federation took place, at which a number of important changes were made concerning the life of the federation and individual athletes, in particular.

One of the most important issues, which already interests both participants of the competitions and fans, was the holding of the next European Championship. Lithuania and Greece submitted their candidatures for the main amateur event of Europe, but the decision was not made. In the next six months, the EAF commission will check the readiness of the Lithuanian and Greek federations for the reception of athletes and the holding of the championship, after which at the continental meeting of the federation, which will be held at the World Championships in Turkey, the congress will determine the host country of the Europeans-2019.

Also, an important item on the agenda of the congress was the discussion of an significant event - the admission of the World Armwrestling Federation in the General Assembly of International Sports Federations (ex SportAccord), because of this armwrestling is getting new ways of development and getting closer to the Olympic Games.

In view of this event, it was suggested that on April 20 (the day of joining the WAF to GAISF) as Armrestling Day. The proposal was supported and sent to the WAF for voting, but, in fact, the countries of the European Federation can already celebrate this professional holiday.

The director of the Anti-Doping Committee of the European Federation, Jean-Frederic André, said that participants in this European Championship will face 50 doping tests, which will be divided into all age categories into the right and left hands, respectively. And due to the fact that some countries often show positive results on the tests, it was decided to check out an additional eight sailor athletes from six countries: Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. A list of these athletes has already been formed, and they will have to undergo doping tests tonight.

Several changes to the statute and rules were discussed and voted at the congress, but these changes can take effect only after the relevant decision of the WAF Congress.

So, ahead of the first day of competition, the struggle of young men and juniors. We wish everyone good luck and victories!

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