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Euroarm-2018: expectations >>>

Euroarm-2018: expectations # Armwrestling #

Very soon the European Championship in arm wrestling will start in Sofia, Bulgaria. ()

Recently, starting lists of participants have been published, from which we can see that the upcoming championship will be interesting, although some athletes are not on the lists.

This year, Oleg Cherkasov changed the category and he will pull in 70 kg class, but only on his left hand. Now gold medal of 65 kg for men becomes vacant and new champions will be determined. In the category of up to 70 kg, men have very good competition, and Oleg will only strengthen it. Procopciuk, Tarasaitis, Amirshadyan, Cherkasov and others - it will be interesting.

Valentin Gospodinov, Irakli Zirakashvili and Hristo Delidzhakov switched from the class of up to 70 kg to the heavier one - up to 75 kg, and they will exactly create problems for the old-timers of this category. One of the favorites of the category to 75 kg, Vladislavs Krasovskis, also decided to change the category and will pull up to 80 kg, where he is waiting for new rivals and new challenges.

From the category of up to 80 kg in the category of up to 85 kg went two favorites - Zurab Tavberidze from Georgia and Georgiy Tautiev from Russia, who will qualify for prizes in this category.

But this category also has its favorites - Oleg Zhokh, Khadzhimurat Zoloyev, Plamen Dimitrov, Elchin Binatov, and they definitely are not going to yield to the "newcomers" of the category.

Alan Makeev will not perform in the usual category up to 90 kg, this time he will pull in up to 100 kg, in which another representative of Russia Artem Grishin will also perform, which, unlike the above-mentioned athletes, did not rise to the heavy category, buy plans to come to more easy class.

All these movements should make the upcoming championship interesting and memorable and give us new interesting confrontations.

In the preliminary lists we did not see very bright and interesting sportsmen - Oguzhan Kocak, Krasimir Kostadinov, Dmitry Silaev. Silaev decided to skip the championships of Europe and the world and fully focus on preparing for the Zloty Tur. But about the absence of Oguzhan and Krasimir we learned only from the lists.

Also, judging by the applications, five participants of the upcoming Vendetta - Oleg Zhokh, Gennady Kvikvinia, Levan Saginashvili, Vitaliy Laletin and Malin Kleinsmith will pull at the European Championship.

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