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Tim Bresnan is preparing a surprise again. >>>

Tim Bresnan is preparing a surprise again. # Armwrestling #

A huge armwrestler from Connecticut with a gray beard and dark glasses, is not only the embodiment of perseverance, strength and energy. Behind the image of a simple American hard-worker lies an unpredictable and confident player. ()

Tim Bresnan is the star of almost all the Vendetta series of armfights of recent years, as well as the winner of the World Championship, the National Champion of the USA. At first glance, this middle-aged giant gives the impression of a nice Santa Claus, who is always ready to give useful advice, to help solve the problem. Tim leads a simple life: he is working in his farm, he is engaged in the animals protection. His Facebook account is full of photos of dogs and cats. In general, Tim is an exemplary good American. 

But if you look at him more closely, you can not help noticing the gun hanging on his belt. And a couple of pistols are waiting for him in his huge truck on which Tim drives to the store. And if you get to know Tim better, you will not want to do anything that he would not like. 

   His path to the top of the world of professional arm wrestling Tim began relatively late - after age of 40. Before that, he was going in for martial arts, working in a security company, working as a bodyguard. Even today in his spare time from armwrestling Tim provides services and advises on security issues.  In his sporting life, as a true security professional, Tim is very fond of misleading his opponent. Envious people have repeatedly tried to send Tim to retire, but he continued to move forward, grinding his rivals.

So, in 2016, Tim, to whom no one gave a chance against Alexei Voevoda - a great athlete, twice Olympic champion from Russia - won with a crushing score. No one could foresee such a result. Alex was an unconditional favorite and even a film crew from Hollywood, which was shooting a film about Alexei in the venue, had been struck by the outcome of that duel. 

After this incident, Tim Bresnan repeatedly surprised even his own fans. 

In the career of Tim, as well as in the career of any athlete, there were defeats, of course. But even after losing, Tim has always remained an example of optimism and confidence in his potential. 

  In 2018, Tim will have a very important match. As Tim's "proprietary" pulling style is a "hook", he challenged the most powerful and technical "hook" fighter in the world, the 20-times World Champion Rustam Babayev. 

This incredibly interesting match will be held within the anniversary series of armfights "Vendetta ALL Stars - Armfight # 50" on November 17-18, 2018, where the world's strongest arm wrestlers from all over the world will gather. This event will be broadcasted to the whole world. 

Tim Bresnan: “I feel very lucky to be able to have this fight. I am in great shape with a totally new weight lifting style!”

What could those words mean? Most likely, Tim Bresnan is preparing an another surprise for us!

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