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Malin Kleinsmith: It is a great honor for me to participate in the first women's Vendetta. >>>

Malin Kleinsmith: It is a great honor for me to participate in the first women's Vendetta.  # Armwrestling #

Malin Kleinsmith, the Armwrestling Champion of the World and Europe, Champion of Sweden, will take part in the anniversary series of armfights "Vendetta ALL Stars - Armfight # 50" in November 2018. This event will not only be the most "starry" in the last decade, but will also be the first tournament in which the women armwrestlers will take part. And this decision was not easy for Igor Mazurenko. ()

On "Vendetta ALL Stars - Armfight # 50" Malin will accept the challenge of the outstanding Polish armwrestler - the winner of the Professional World Cup, the Champion of Poland, the European Champion Marlena Wawrzyniak. This will not be the first Malin’s professional arm wrestling tournament, but, nevertheless, the upcoming match brings her a storm of conflicting emotions. 

"I am super excited about this tournament. To be in the first women’s Vendetta match on Zloty Tur. That's an honor! I am sooo excited!!!! And that it is with so many great athletes in it this year is awesome!” - said Malin in an interview to Malin’s homeland, Sweden, is famous throughout the world for it’s traditions of female arm wrestling. Charming Swedes win prizes at the largest international tournaments, demonstrating a completely male power.

Answering the question of how it turned out that the female armwrestling received such an amazing development in Sweden, they say that it all started with the invitation of the girlfriends to the training, and they invited their girlfriends. As a result, in different cities and clubs, women's arm-wrestling communities were formed, which became a real family for their participants. 

Thanks to arm wrestling, Malin traveled dozens of countries, winning the highest titles of Europe and the world. Her first professional arm wrestling experience was taking part in one of the first Vendetta armfights in Dubai. 

"I have actually pulled in the first Vendettas in Dubai. But a whole lot has changed since then. It has grown bigger and bigger.“

Malin is facing probably the main fight for her entire arm-wrestling career. The fighter character of her rival, Marlena Vavzhinyak is well-known all over the world. After going through a lot of defeats, Marlena reached the top of the world arm wrestling and brought up the spirit of the winner, which leaves little chance for victory for her rivals.

Let's wish Malin a successful preparation for Vendetta ALL Stars - Armfight # 50, for which we all will follow.

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