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Experts about the women's armwrestling and not only. >>>

Experts about the women's armwrestling and not only. # Armwrestling #

After a recent interview with Levan Saginashvili about armwrestling, during which he stated that armwrestling is a men's brutal sport, a wave of indignation arose from the beautiful half of the arm-wrestling community. Seemingly innocuous statement of the World Champion and the Professional World Cup winner really caused a serious reaction. Particularly outraged were the arm wrestlers from Sweden, where, as is known, the female armwrestling has a very strong position. In order to understand why the women-armwrestlers no longer want to tolerate men’s domination, we talked with the president of the Professional League of Armwrestling Igor Mazurenko and with the main expert on the women's arm-wrestling Anders Axklo, a famous commentator and promoter from Sweden. () Igor, what do you think about the discussion that arose after Levan's statement? As everyone knows, this year within the framework of the anniversary Vendetta All Stars - Armfight #50, there will be one women's armfight between Marlena Wawrzyniak from Poland and Malin Kleinsmith from Sweden. Both athletes are not only active propagandists of women's arm wrestling, but also symbols of the feminine principle in this, at first glance, masculine sport.

Igor Mazurenko: It's no surprise to me that the beautiful half of arm wrestling community is struggling to ensure that the efforts and achievements that our girls are achieving today have that level of media coverage that they deserve. Today, women are making progress in such, initially male, sports as powerlifting, crossfit and others. I think that this is largely due to the current trend towards achieving new highs in physical development. The female organism differs from the male one and, in some aspects, has stronger indicators. We regularly measure athletes on a special machine of our design. And, for example, in terms of endurance, girls are sometimes much ahead of men. And endurance, as you know, is a key indicator in our sport. Many in the world remember the match at the European Championship 2018 between two girls-juniors from Russia.

The match lasted about 8 minutes and the level of emotions and technical saturation was no different from the matches of the famous super heavyweights. The video of this match on the first day collected more than 15,000 views only on Facebook. Thus, I can clearly say that the women's arm-wrestling has visuality, technicality and emotionality. So it has a future. 

In order to know the opinion of an "unintentional insider" of the Swedish women's arm-wrestling community, we asked Anders Axklo. Anders, why is the female armwrestling so developed in Sweden? Is there any specificity in this? 

Anders Axklo: I think that there is no specificity. It just happened so. Several girls began to train together, then they invited one more, and another ... That's how Swedish women's armwrestling clubs appeared. Probably, the secret is in women's communicability and purposefulness.

What conclusions we can make out of answers of respected experts? The discussion between the men's and women's divisions is a positive sign of growth. In addition to hot fights at the arm-wrestling table, arm wrestling is a brotherhood (or sisterhood) of like-minded people, which gives everyone what they lack. Female arm wrestling is a topic that has yet to be explored and we would like to hear more opinions from the beautiful representatives of our beloved sport.

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