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Igor Mazurenko about Sasho Andreev: Slow down with Vendetta! Pull at Zloty first. >>>

Igor Mazurenko about Sasho Andreev: Slow down with Vendetta! Pull at Zloty first.  # Armwrestling #

Sasho Andreev is an athlete who, for the last couple of years, has been stirring the minds of all fans of arm wrestling. None remains indifferent as of this Bulgarian athlete: someone admires his strength, some fiercely criticize, others predict him a victory in the Zloty Tour World Cup open class. He appeared on the starry sky of armwrestling unexpectedly, and it seems that this guy has the power of a bulldozer. ()

Not being tall, not having long fingers and gears, nevertheless Sasho unhesitatingly deals with opponents with a much more outstanding anthropometry. And being frank, there are not so many athletes who can at least stop this Bulgarian guy.

But the most serious test for him, perhaps, was a duel with the famous Russian athlete - Spartak Zoloyev not so long ago, when in preliminary fights Spartak won by top-roll. But then Zoloyev lost two times in the most beautiful long "hook" matches.

In this Championship on the right hand Sasha also lost in the preliminary fights to Maxim Chersky, Russia, but, with all due respect to the Russian athlete, it looked like accidental win, since in the final Sasha pinned Chersky's hand twice without any problems.

Of course, watching as Andreyev sweeps everyone and everything on his way to the pedestal, analyzing his pulling style, many people have a question - what could be the outcome of the matches of the  Bulgarian bulldozer with two strongest hooks of the world? 

As you understand, we are talking about Rustam Babaev and Khadzhimurat Zoloyev. We also know, that these guys are able to surprise us better then anybody else. And, although last year for Zoloyev was not entirely successful, at this European Championships he proved again who was the number one in the category of 85 kg.

Many commentators and hotheads already want Sasha to pull in Vendetta#50, but let's still not run ahead of the locomotive! Both Rustam and Khadzhimurat repeatedly took part in the Professional World Cup and showed there outstanding results. Sacho, for the time being, pulled at the competitions of a bit another format. Therefore, we are waiting for Andreev pull in the Zloty Tur and then, as they say, the table will show!

President of PAL Igor Mazurenko

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