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Launch of Referral Program: PAL is giving back! >>>

Launch of Referral Program: PAL is giving back! # Armwrestling #

Starting in June 2018, PAL launches its own referral program, which aims to unite the efforts of the arm-wrestling community around the world in development and popularization of arm wrestling. ()

    PAL promotes our sports discipline through the organization of international competitions, the organization of live broadcasts, through the creation and promotion of personal brands of the best arm wrestlers, the production and sales of sports equipment, apparel and so on. 

    We believe that only through joint efforts of the whole community will our sport become the next most mass sport in the world and that anyone who loves armwrestling and is interested in its development should have the tools to make a personal contribution and also get worthy reward for it. Thus, our sport will be able to take double steps forward.

What is the PAL referral program?

    Anyone can register in the program on the website and get a personal referral link that leads to the page of sales of live broadcast or other products. The person can share this link in their posts and publications in Social networks, at video platforms, forums and websites and get a reward for actions of other users who purchased anything through this referral link.

What does it give?

    A person registered in the program receives a reward for their purchases and for purchases made by users registered through their referral link. Rewards are made in special points called ArmCoins

As of today 1 ArmCoin corresponds to 0.01 US dollar. 

Reward size:

  1. Registered user X who makes purchases on the website gets back 10% of the purchase in ArmCoin. For example, if you purchased a subscription to the live broadcast of Vendetta All Stars - Zloty Tur for 35USD, then 350 ArmCoins appear in your account.


  • If user Y gets registered by user X’s link (level 1 referral) and makes a purchase, user X will receive 7% of this purchase in ArmCoin. 
  • If user Z gets registered by user Y’s link (level 2 referral) and makes a purchase, user X will receive 5% of this purchase in ArmCoin.
  • What can I do with ArmCoins?

        With ArmCoins, you can buy PPV broadcasts on Armbets TV, as well as any goods on arm wrestling shop.

        Thus, by distributing links you can earn points for the purchase of arm-wrestling equipment: handles, tables and other accessories from Mazurenko Equipment

        For example, in order to purchase a set of handles Mazurenko Equipment (USD 79) for ArmCoins, you will need 7900 ArmCoins that can be obtained for 32 purchases through your referral link.

        Also, now you can support your favorite athlete by registering through his referral link. You can help him raise funds for training equipment, clothing, food, as well as charity, which many professional arm wrestling stars are engaged in.

        Moreover, as a bonus, for each registration through your referral link PAL pays you 5 ArmCoins.

    How to register?

    Step 1.: Go to, register via email or through Facebook or Vkontakte. 

    Step 2.: In the upper right corner click on your username and click on the "Referral program" in the opened menu. 

    Step 3.: In the new personal cabinet, copy your referral link and start inviting friends, acquaintances and everyone who wants to subscribe to the live broadcast Vendetta All Stars - Zloty Tur.

        The site has a live chat and you can ask questions, if any.

        Come, register and start earning points today!

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