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EuroArm for the disabled. Impressions. >>>

EuroArm for the disabled. Impressions. # Armwrestling #

The European Championship for the Disabled is far behind, but still we receive letters from its participators with their impressions. Armwrestling gives hope, goal and second life to most of the athletes with disabilities and even long after each event they keep sharing their thoughts. Here is one open letter to Anna Mazurenko from Turkish National team member. ()

Dear Anna,

I would like to write about my experiences in 2018 European Disabled ARMWRESTLING Championship.

Generally, it can be said that hosting of Sofia, Bulgaria was great. Turkish National team was successful in championship; however it can be possible to be the second instead of third, if the team would be more experienced. It was the first experience for six of the team members. Although the results are satisfactory, I believe that the Turkish National Team will get more successful results in future championships.

Arm wrestling becomes more popular but unfortunately, it is not supported very much. For example I do not have a coach and also a training place. As a result, I have to work by myself as an amateur athlete.

These negative conditions had an effect on my personal performance like all the members of Turkish National Team.

Nevertheless, I am pleased with my grade. I hope to get the first rank in the next championship. While the organization was good in general, there is one point to be criticized. The places of the organization were not suitable for disabled, especially toilets were not useful. Because of this point, we had to use public toilets. It will be better to fix this problem for future organizations.

As my last words, I would like to thank to Ministry of Youth and Sports of Turkish Republic and also Turkish Physically Disabled Sport Federation managers for their support to our national team. Additionally, I would like to thank to ARMWRESTLING family as the host of that great organization.

Finally, my special thanks to Anna MAZURENKO for her intensive efforts.

Best Regards,

Ümit Burunlular

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