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Engin Terzi on sensational performance of Turkey at the Euroarm >>>

Engin Terzi on sensational performance of Turkey at the Euroarm # Armwrestling #

At the last European Championships, the national team of Turkey made a real sensation. Prize places in all categories, first places in team competitions and, of course, virtuosic choral performance of the national anthem, made the Turkish team, probably the most memorable team of the championship. About how the Turkish athletes and the armwrestling federation managed to achieve such high results, we talked with the legend of arm wrestling Engin Terzi. ()

Engin, at the Europeans Turkish youth team was amazing. How did you achieve such results? 

Turkish youth team was really amazing. It’s because of the federation support of the youth armwrestling in Turkey. 

Are you satisfied with the EuroArm results?

We are satisfied with the results but there is always better results to be targeted.

Tell us about the performance of the senior team? Who met your expectations and who did not? 

Senior team was successful but many were missing because it was month of Ramadan and it was hard to train well while fasting 17 hours a day. Said Erkam Biyikoglu a student of mine did very well by winning golds both in youth and senior categories. 

We didn't see some potentional champions - Arif Ertem, Oguzhan Kocak, Hamza Ziypak.

  Will they pull at the Worlds?

The names that you mentioned will be at the Worlds to represent Turkey.

Turkey hosts Worlds. Is it a great challenge both for Turkish athletes and organizers?

Yes it’s an important challenge for us to organize the WAF championship and represent our country at home. My guess is that it will be the best Worlds ever in the history. Niyazi Kurt really does his best to satisfy our guests. İt’s a matter of honor to host our guests from all over the world.

What are the goals for the team at the Worlds?

Our goal is to win multiple WAF titles in senior categories.

You are a sport legend and many are waiting for your performance at the home championship. Will you pull? In which category?

I am hoping to pull but its not hundred percent sure yet. The category is also to be decided because I am 85 kg and I am thinking of 80-75 or 70, depends on how my diet and cardio will result.

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