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Dmitry Trubin goes to Croatia for the “ZG STRONG” World Cup! >>>

Dmitry Trubin goes to Croatia for the “ZG STRONG” World Cup! # Armwrestling #

One of the legends of Vendetta All Stars - Armfight # 50, Dmitry Trubin, this weekend will participate in the “ZG STRONG” World Cup in Zagreb. What this tournament means for the multiple World and Asia champion, as well as for professional arm wrestling in general, we asked Igor Mazurenko. ()

Igor, why Dmitry Trubin goes to Croatia?

The simplest answer is for the Yakut diamonds - the main trophy of the “ZG STRONG” World Cup. But on other hand, firstly, the World Cup “ZG STRONG” is a prestigious tournament in professional armwrestling, with a beautiful organization and a great future. Therefore, the armwrestling stars find the opportunity to participate in it in order to check their form and support an event that, by the level of its organization, is an example for other events. There should be more such events.


Secondly, as Dima has repeatedly told us, his active preparation for the main event of the year - Vendetta All Stars - Armfight # 50 - will begin in September, and therefore the tournament in Croatia is a great opportunity to refresh the competitive experience, so to say, get additional adrenaline in a good tournament. Moreover, the level of the Croatian World Cup allows the pullers of Trubin’s professional level to compete on it without sacrificing the rating.

As for the upcoming match with the Georgian giant Levan Saginashvili, Dmitry feels calm, confident and I am sure that, as a professional sportsman, he has already developed a plan that will lead him to victory. Here is a video from Dima.


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