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Genadi Kvikvinia: Chaffee does not have a single chance! >>>

Genadi Kvikvinia: Chaffee does not have a single chance! # Armwrestling #

Not so long ago, Dmitry Silaev, who visited Georgian professionals, was shocked by the strength of two participants of upcoming historical Vendetta ALL Stars - Levan Saginashvili and Genadi Kvikviniya. He also said that there was not a trace left of Gennady's injury. decided to contact the athlete directly and find out if everything is so serious. ()

Genadi, how do you feel, how is your elbow?

My elbow is in excellent condition, I’m already working with heavy weights.

Is it true that Levan is now as strong as they say? Why did not you succeed in defeating him at the European Championships?

Levan is now really strong, but for me personally there are no unbeatable rivals. We regularly pull in the gym and it happens that he wins, and sometimes I win. As for the European Championship, I lost only because of an elbow injury. 

You claim that your elbow has fully recovered and you are preparing for Vendetta. Ahead is the WAF World Championship in Turkey. Will you take part in it?

Yes, I plan to participate in the World Championship. This will not affect my preparation for Vendetta, since I do not see any rivals with whom I could have problems in Turkey.


And what if your elbow injury comes back at the Worlds? There will be very little time left for Vendetta ... 

Look, that injury at the European Championship was just the consequence of the micro-injury that I got training before the tournament. Pulling with Levan I made it a little worse, that's all. This trauma is no longer there and the issue is completely closed.

I have great respect for all the world’s strongest arm wrestlers, but for no one had any doubts, I can say that the weights that they brag about on YouTube, for me now are just working weights. 

I will even shoot a video, where I pull back 130 kg on the block. I really respect Dave Chaffee, but I can say without too much modesty, he has not a single chance.

I want to tell my fans, I'm preparing really seriously, and when I'm so prepared, I'm unbeatable. I give you my word that I will not disappoint you.


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