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How to get access to Vendetta All Stars? Buy it or earn it! >>>

How to get access to Vendetta All Stars? Buy it or earn it!  # Armwrestling #

You can buy access to Vendetta All Stars live broadcast today. Moreover, you can register in the PAL program and invite friends, earn points for which you can then buy a live broadcast, as well as various cool products in the store How to do it? Step-by-step manual. ()

If you want to buy the full 2-day access to theLive broadcast of Vendetta All Stars - Armfight 50  and "Zloty Tur" World Cup, you can book your seat right now.

To do this, just follow this link:

At the website, you want to click on the button "Register now” and fill in the simple registration form. You can also register through your Facebook profile.

After this, a confirmation letter will be sent to the mail you specified. Open the link from this letter.

And that’s it! You are registered!

Now just one more easy step!

Press the “PAY NOW” yellow button and buy your access to the Vendetta All Stars live broadcast! By the time Vendetta starts, you will just need to open the website and enjoy the unforgettable fights. 

Well, and if you have friends who also want to watch the historic Vendetta, you can invite them as your referrals.

To do this, go to the "Referral Plan" section of the menu and send your link to your friends. For each friend you register, you will receive Armcoins, with which you can buy access to Vendetta or you can spend them in the store and buy various cool stuff including exclusive T-shirts. 

Good luck and see you at Vendetta All Stars!

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