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Rustam Babayev: “With a little help from my brother… “ >>>

Rustam Babayev: “With a little help from my brother… “ # Armwrestling #

Rustam Babayev is a "regular" participant of the Zloty Tur Tournament. His younger brother - Ruslan attended Zloty Tur a few times and also carved his mark in the history of the Tournament. ()

Their sister, Snizhana "Snowflake" Babayeva participated in Zloty Tur for three times. In 2012 she was second in the 52 kg left arm category and 4th on the right hand. In 2016, she won in 52 kg on both arms. A year ago, she was 2nd on the left and 5th on the right.

All in all, the Babayev family had three contestants in Zloty Tur. The Snowflake fought as a Slovakian citizen, but this is another story.

And now back to the topic ...

Rustam Babayev vs Tim Bresnan on the right arm - the match announced for November 2018, during Vendetta All Stars - Armfight # 50. It may seem that it is quite easy to predict the result - a simple victory for Rustam Babayev. Especially taking into consideration the last year duel of Todd Hutchings vs Rustam Babayev - it was six to zero for Rustam. But this is only a fan’s vision, based on emotions more than on serious analysis. As the best Polish soccer player Jacek Krzynówek liked to say: “The fans have no idea …” Of course, that’s soccer fans. Armwrestling supporters have a much wider knowledge regarding their favorite competitors.


To check our emotional assumptions, let’s see what we know about both rivals. 

Let’s start with Tim Bresnan. A "real American farmer", dark glasses, gray beard. All in all - a nice guy. Weight around or over 140 kilograms. 

How much does Rustam Babayev weigh? At the last weigh-ins at Zloty Tur he weighed under 95 kg. Neither one nor the other have to worry about diet, because the bout is in an "agreed" category, so no problems there. Tim will not get fat fast, nor will he lose even a gram. Rustam gained 22 kilograms in 14 years. Those are kilos of powerful, trained muscles. The records that Rustam sets up in bouts against a huge number of rivals, one after another, clearly show that this muscle mass did not spoil his strength. The way in which he fights also proves that his huge advantage – speed – also haven’t suffered a bit.

So, what will be the decisive factor in the duel of Tim Bresnan vs Rustam Babayev? Probably what will happen after the end of the first round, the analysis that the winner and loser will have to make. I would like to see a bout the result of which in the fourth round will be two to two. What excitement that would be!

We have to wait three more months!


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