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Denis Tsyplenkov at Zloty Tur # Armwrestling #

Today a new episode of "Armbets TV News" is already being prepared for the air, in which Igor Mazurenko comes to Denis Tsyplenkov and shows his preparation for the upcoming match or, in fact, two fights with two rivals at Vendetta All Stars # 50. We have already seen excerpts from this program, and now we are waiting for the release of the full version, which tells about what is going on with Denis. Reading the announcement of this issue, I thought, how time flies ... And immediately the seemingly simple question arose. How many years is Denis a participant of the Professional World Cup? The first, intuitive, answer was ... always. But, probably not ... How time flies! ()

When was the last time we saw Denis Tsyplenkov at the "Zloty Tur" Professional World Cup?

I have an impression, supported by notes, that it was in 2013. On the left hand in the superheavyweight category he overcame Andrey Pushkar. On the right – Dave Chaffee. In the left open class, he was first. Again, before Andrey. He did not pull on the right, Pushkar ended up first, Prudnyk - second and Bresnan - third. Since then, if memory serves me right, we have not seen Denis at the Zloty Tur World Cup. Now, in 2018, as we all know, he will participate in the Zloty Tur, specifically in Vendetta All Stars  # 50 in two battles at a time - on the left and on the right hand, respectively with Larratt and Pushkar.

Okay, and when did we see Denis for the first time?

Probably not in 2006 yet. But, while we recollect, it's worth writing something about 2006 because it was very interesting.
First of all, it was the last year when the "Zloty" matches were right-handed only. Secondly, it was the year of the first "fratricidal" duel of Rustam Babayev and Ruslan Babayev. For your information, Rustam is an older brother, and they also have famous sister - Snezhana Babayeva.

So, in 2006, fights in the "Zloty Tur" took place only on the right hand. The third time, the venue for the tournament was Warsaw. It was the 7th "Zloty Tur" and the fourth "NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2006". The fights took place in Casinos Poland, at the Hyatt hotel on December 2, 2006.

The last king of the right hand at the time - John Brzenk, first won the 95 kg weight class, and then defeated Farid Usmanov (Uzbekistan), the winner of the category 95 kg + (at that time there was not a category of 105 kg). The third opening of the tournament was Ruslan Babayev, who at that time fought in the class of 86 kg. No, this is not a misprint - the elder Babayev lost to the younger!
This tournament was best described by the late Leszek Sobon, graphic artist, journalist and friend of arm wrestling. The following are excerpts from his article:

"2006 was a year of summing up the results of the hard work of previous years. On its calendar there were many historical arm-wrestling events. In that year, there were Vendettas, one organized in the United Arab Emirates, the other in the Polish professional league, and they included the expected female version of the armfights. And the peak of the season of the Professional League of Armrestling - "NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2006". The second time the event took place at the Hyatt Hotel in Warsaw thanks to the company Casinos Poland. (...) (...) The sensation was the appearance among spectators Krzysztof DIABLO Wlodarczyk, who shortly before took the throne of the world champion in the IBF. "NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2006" gathered eighty-eight participants from seventeen countries in six weight classes and the category OPEN. In addition, for the first time in history, women participated in it, for beginning, in only one category - up to 60 kg. (...)
Category 86 kg
Everyone was waiting for fights in this category! There should have happened sensational fights on the scale of the whole history of arm-wrestling - the Babaev brothers had to compete with each other ...

They pulled in the final. I do not know what to say ... I understand fraternal love, but it's just a sport, not a war. There was simply no struggle at all.

Rustam, after a conscientious acting game on both sides, "lost" to his younger brother ... I really like both brothers, but this performance not only disappointed the audience that had waited a long time for a big spectacle, but also contradicted the basic principles of sport. I repeat - sport, not war ... Ruslan, as befits a great athlete, rehabilitated himself in the Open category, where he fought like a lion. However, the unpleasant residue remained ... "

Leszek Sobon in his report on ARMPOWER.

Here's how the last year of the tournament really looked on the right hand.

Igor Mazurenko wrote on ARMPOWER after the tournament:

"Why did I decide to add left-hand competitions to the tournament? This must have happened in the end anyway. Professionals start when they are comfortable. If they have an injury of one hand - they can always pull with the other. This caused an emotional surge in the tournament. On the second day you could "recoup" for the first day. The addition of the second hand gave the athletes a chance to fight for absolute superiority in the Open class and get both World Cups. The future showed that the decision was the right one. "

In 2007, a new era began - a two-day tournament - "Zloty Tur" Professional Armwrestling World Cup.

VIII "Zloty Tur" Professional Armwrestling World Cup / V "NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2007" was held on November 30, 2007, again in Warsaw. The venue - the Hilton Olympic Casino Hotel.

Andrei Pushkar won the left hand in the +95 kg category. The second place was taken by Farid Usmanov, the third - by Sergey Tokarev. Pushkar also won the category + 95 kg on the right hand, Farid - also - was second, and Gyorgy Saz from Hungary took third place. John Brzenk won the 95 kg category on the left and right hand. And, of course, he joined the battle in the Open category. The result: Pushkar first on the left, John Onesku - second, Brzenk - third. John won Andrew and Farid in the Open on the right hand.
It was 2007 and ... then the next "Zloty Tur", where Denis Tsyplenkov first appeared.

IX "Zloty Tur" Professional Armwrestling World Cup / "Nemiroff World Cup 2008".
November 7-8, 2008 / Poland, Warsaw, the Hilton Olympic Casino

King (on the right hand) - John / Prince (on the left) - Denis!

For our Polish team, the most important was the victory of Luchan Fudala, who defeated John in the 95 kg category on the left hand. Luchan took the fourth place on the right hand, and John became first without problems. In the heavyweight category, on the left and right hand, Denis Tsyplenkov was out of competition. In the Open category on the left hand - the same scenario. But on the right won John, and Denis became the second.
Judging by my notes and the official results of the tournament, published on the website, Andrei Pushkar has not yet performed at Zloty in 2008. I do not think I'm wrong.
Between Andrei and Denis before 2009 there was no serious competition and it looked like this: in the category of 95 kg + on the left hand Denis won, and Andrew took second place. The same picture was in the plus category on the right hand and in the Open on the left. But in the absolute category on the right hand - a huge surprise. The first was John Brzenk, Rustam (senior) Babaev was the second, and Pushkar was the third. Denis pulled in the category as well but took only 7th place.
So, this is a short version of the story. But this is not the end! Continuation is bound to be in November!

Yours faithfully


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