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One new age category - unlimited opportunities for the whole sport! >>>

One new age category - unlimited opportunities for the whole sport! # Armwrestling #

In 2019, the Armwrestling World Championship will be held in Poland, in which, according to Igor Mazurenko,  PAL president and head promoter, a record number of athletes - more than 1600 from 70 countries will take part. ()

This large number of participants is not only the result of the traditional high level of organization in Poland, and not only the manifestation of the charisma of Igor Mazurenko. At the World Championship 2019 for the first time will be introduced age category of 14-16 years of age.

Competitions in this age category are already held  in Russia, but to see the World Championship, junior juniors will only be able in 2019.

Everybody knows that there are many talented children aged 14-16, who today compete in juniors at the World and European Championships. But since they still had to fight with older athletes, access to the prize places was almost closed to them.

According to the president of the Federation of the Russian Armwrestling Federation, Alexander Filimonov, the number of juniors grows by 10-20% every year.

Today the WAF World Championship lasts 6 days.

first 2 days pull juniors, second 2 days pull the disabled, and then 2 days of adults. With the increase in the number of juniors, it may be necessary to withdraw their World Championship into a separate tournament.

Specifically for this category, the Mazurenko Equipment company has designed an armwrestling table of a smaller size for the Asian Armwrestling Federation.

The prototype of the table was already presented at the European Championships in Bulgaria and the Turkish federation took it to Turkey for testing in schools. If the table is successfully tested and is approved by the WAF referee panel, a new official table standard will appear in the world.

The Mazurenko Equipment company does not stop there. At the World Championships 2019 will also be presented a new Mazurenko Equipment riser with 2 levels of lifting. The new platform was developed in order to replace the combined risers. On new platforms it will be possible to install both the standard Mazurenko Equipment table and its reduced version.

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