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Vendetta All Stars #50: Let us win together! >>>

Vendetta All Stars #50: Let us win together! # Armwrestling #

There are less then three months left before the "Zloty Tur" Professional World Cup and, accordingly, before Vendetta All Stars # 50, but emotions are already raging in the social media: armwrestling fans are passionately discussing whose favorite will be a winner. ()

Vendetta All Stars #50 will bring together the most titled and strongest arm wrestlers of the decade and stormy discussions may look like a natural reaction of the public before a tournament of such a level. "Zloty Tur" Professional World Cup also expects not only a record number of participants, but also a record number of viewers: entrance tickets and access to Pay-per-View Live broadcast are being actively sold now.

About what is behind such an excitement around Vendetta All Stars #50 and the "Zloty Tur" Professional World Cup 2018, we talk with Igor Mazurenko, the President of the Professional Armwrestling League (PAL).

Igor, tell us about what is the determining factor of the popularity of Vendetta All Stars #50 three months before the event?

I will not reveal anything new if I say that one of the main factors is the pool of the champions taking part in one event at a time. Nevertheless, experience shows that this alone is not the key to the success. I'm sure many organizers and promoters will agree with me. There are many legendary athletes in the world and they perform at various competitions, but only a few get attention of the general public.

And what is it, if not secret?

After the promoter manages to get famous athletes for their event, marketing enters the game.

This, I think, is also not a secret. In order for the general public to pay attention to the sporting event, it should, at least, hear about it. Moreover, in the case of arm wrestling, people need to understand the rules of the game, the history of the sport, learn about the people who have achieved the greatest success in it. 

PAL today invests a lot in online marketing, in the promotion of armwrestling around the world.

But the most important factor, the driving force of arm wrestling, is the activity of people involved in it - amateur athletes and professionals. They know a lot about their sport, they tell friends about it, bring them to the gyms, join clubs and teams. They can not be misled by any marketing tricks, they know exactly what a fair fight means, they are the main heroes at this sport festival.

This year, for the first time in the history of our sport, during preparation for the jubilee Vendetta All Stars # 50, we decided not only to promote this truly historic event in the media, but to take advantage of the moment and start creating real opportunities for those who want arm wrestling to become a world recognized mass sport discipline.

Firstly, we started supporting local initiatives of armwrestling fans in organizing fan clubs or youth meetings with the participants of Vendetta All Stars #50.

For example, in Russia, the action in support of Denis Tsyplenkov called "Arm-trailer" is very successful now. The guys decorated the trailer with the advertisement of Vendetta All Stars #50 with the image of Denis, fixed the arm-wrestling table on it and travel to different cities, where they organize demonstration sparrings and meetings with the Russian Hulk. You can find their videos on YouTube. PAL, for its part, provided prize certificates granting free access to the live broadcast of Vendetta All Stars #50 in November. 

If the fans of other Vendetta All Stars #50 participants from other countries organize anything similar, they can contact us and we will also give them certificates for the winners of their mini-tournaments. I do not mention the meaning of such things for the athletes they support!

We also launched a referral program on our Armbets.TV online platform.

Having registered in the program, anyone can share links to the Zloty Tur and Vendetta websites and earn points for which they can buy a variety of the cool armwrestling products in our online store - from the strap to the arm-wrestling table and the subscription to Vendetta. For a month and a half, more than a thousand people joined the program and a few hundred have already purchased items for points in the store.

And in the end, as always, I'll tell you something that will be a pleasant surprise for those who have already purchased an access to the live broadcast of Vendetta All Stars # 50 or are going to purchase it in the nearest future.

At the end of September 2018, a "Mazurenko Equipment" professional arm wrestling table will be played among all those who purchased a Vendetta All Stars #50 subscription. It’s the only table in the world recognized by the World Armwrestling Federation.

There will be three such draws - in September, October and November at the event. I would recommend to buy access to Vendetta broadcast as soon as possible. Why? Because you will have a chance to take part in three raffles. In September raffle there will be much less participants than in the other two , so there are more chances to win. Regardless of the result in September, there will be still two possibilities to win the world's best arm-wrestling table.

Therefore, get a Vendetta access today!

And the PAL team keeps working on creation of the new opportunities for every active arm wrestler in the world.

Thanks for the interesting information!

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